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Next transformation event

7th October 2022



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Radical Body Transformations Invitational

Oct 7th 2022


After a very successful event at the Toronto Pro Supershow on June 3rd, 2022, @radicalbodytransformations (RBT) we will be continuing our transformation events at select Canadian Physique Alliance shows on Oct 7th, 2022 at the Canadian National Pro Qualifier weekend. In the spirit of our last show, this will be a celebration of people of all different ages, genders, and situations who endeavour to lose weight, get healthy, gain muscle or whatever their individual goals are. Diversity of goals are welcomed and we are here to share your story! The Canadian Physique Alliance is the premiere Canadian fitness organization with pro bodybuilding and fitness events held across Canada and we are excited to be a part of this event!

This will round out our Amazon Prime TV show, our award winning documentaries, online contests, and our thriving RBT FB community. Special thanks to Ron Hache and Angie Hache of @canadianphysiquealliance , @zoomimagepros and @absolutetouchinc.

Individuals interested in participating, coaches with clients to participate and potential sponsors should reach out to James Hergott at

RBT Transformation Event at Toronto Pro SuperShow June 3rd,


Celebrate your transformation journey no matter what point

Celebrate your transformation journey no matter what point

Meet like-minded people in a fun, supportive and motivating atmosphere who are also undergoing their own physical and mental transformations.

Use stepping on stage for this event as a concrete goal to achieve in your fitness journey

Use it as a stepping stone/ practice run for Regional CPA/NPC competitions by experiencing what competing truly entails regarding nutrition and training schedules

Win great potential awards and prizes

Receive Free swag and special discounts & memberships


RBT Transformation New Show Rules*

Three weeks prior to the show (deadline of Sept 23rd, 2022) participants must pay the entrance fee as well as complete an online google form providing their information.** This form will require a brief description of what they have had to overcome as part of their transformation as well as various high resolution before pictures to be used both as part of the judging process as well as during the show, on screens when the participants walk out. Additionally information on weight loss/gain changes will be required as part of the submission form. There is no membership fee required such as a CPA or other membership.

The Transformation category is not just about weight loss: it could also be for individuals overcoming anorexia/bulimia, disease, cancer, mental health disorders, and other health disorders. This event is a true celebration of a personal journey to a more healthy lifestyle. It may also be about weight/muscle gain or simply body composition change. We celebrate the individual and provide a platform to display themselves and their transformation.

The date October 7th, 2022 as part of the Canadian National Pro Qualifier. There will be at least two major categories.. 1) Fit/Athletic transformation division and 2) Lifestyle transformation division. On the submission form, participants will be asked about which category they are entering. Depending on turn out there may be further subdivision based on if participants have competed before and/or age categories. If participants have not competed before, they can enter as a “true novice”. True novices will then be judged against each other and not have to compete with veteran competitors. (This is to limit seasoned competitors from sand bagging and winning against true novices by simply bulking and cutting). Along these lines the concern is not someone competing around the same time as our event at other shows or categories. The concern is someone who is experienced in bulking and cutting in their past and using that competition experience to try and bulk and then cut to win. So someone competing three weeks before (as an example) is still considered a novice. The issue comes when they have cut and then bulked between competitions.

Fit Division

The fit division is based more for the person who has generally lived a healthy lifestyle most of their life and has either a) fallen off to a degree due to circumstance and/or b) has decided to then take a more serious approach to health and fitness. This is someone who now looks fit and maybe even has a goal of one day competing at a CPA division but this is a stepping stone for them. The story is relevant but maybe not to the same degree as the lifestyle division but is still a factor. This division is for the person in between a lifestyle transformation and someone ready to compete in a CPA style category.

Lifestyle Division

The lifestyle division will be for the individual who has significantly transformed both mentally and physically. This could be a great weight loss, and/or overcoming a serious illness, trauma or very unhealthy lifestyle choices. The story of how the individual overcame these hardships is important. This division is also for individuals who have had a great body change but could still be in the process of completing their journey.

The divisions will also be subdivided by male and female and possibly age, depending on turn out. We want to reward the maximum number of people possible.

Additional SHow Rules

All participants must be at least 16 years of age and older, male or female. Contestants will be judged on their personal story and weight loss transformation. Weight loss can be anywhere from 10 pounds to over 100 plus pounds. Also judged is overall body composition change. Contestants will present themselves on stage at the live show. Contestants must submit 300 words or less write up about their personal story.

Number Of rounds

Beachwear Round:

For females: 2 piece or one piece personal choice – any suit that compliments the contestant and is classy. Shoes worn must also complement the contestant's outfit. 3-5 inch heels preferred. For males: boy short / classic physique style trunks or board shorts with bare feet, sandals, or sport shoes that also fit the attire.

Participants before photos are shown on the big screens and we tell a bit about their story and have them come out on stage.

Participants will be asked to the x on the stage and to do 2-3 poses of their choosing to show off their physique. This can include bikini style poses, figure style poses, bodybuilding style poses, physique style poses or even just fun poses to show not only the body but the participant’s personality.

Evening Round:

Stage walk. Attire for this round is any classy outfit of your choice, it can be a nice outfit, suit, dress shirt, dress. For the men it could be dress pants with a tight shirt for example. Semi formal evening wear is what is recommended.

A five to nine judge panel will review photos and stories prior to the day of the show to become familiar with each competitor. On show day, competitors will have their essays read aloud by emcee (or a summary version) along with their initial pictures displayed. Competitors will be scored and placed (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) according to their photos and essays. Entries are judged based on physical transformation over the time span, including body fat loss, muscle gained, challenges overcome and on the articulation of that transformation through the essay. The top 3 (of each division) will come out and accept their award on competition day, while wearing their evening round attire.


It is suggested that participants get tanning and make-up done. We recommend Absolute Touch who will be on site for the show and doing touch ups backstage for the show. They are the official beauty team for the event .

For photo packages, this will include candid red carpet photos as well as stage photos. Red carpet pics are exclusive for the RBT event and will take place after the event while evening wear attire is on and after awards are given out. Photo and video packages can be acquired here:


Prizes include medals for the top 3 in each category, participation medals and donated prizes from various sponsors as well as more to be announced!


The promoters will choose 7-9 judges from all over North America and from diverse backgrounds in order to make this a fair process. Each judge is unique and has their own opinion / preference on who will become the winner of the various Transformation categories. The top and lowest scores are thrown out and the scores are averaged.



Our aim is to transform the lives of people and make them fitter and healthier, and eventually build the largest FITNESS COMMUNITY.


RBT aims to​ reach out to a vast majority of people and transform their lives for good, by making them believe how convenient it can get to stay healthy and move together as a fit community, once you initiate putting an effort


Our Visionaries have given the world what is now known as Radical Body Transformations. They’ve seen and done it all and contributed to the success of thousands of fitness stories, inspiring from their own stories. On the face of the earth, these successful executive producers are set to show the world that every dream can be turned into reality, and everyone can #BeFit.

Anthony Lolli


The man in front of the camera.

James Hergott


The man behind the camera.

Amazon Documentary



I’m Anthony Lolli, or as my friends like to call me, 6 Pack Lolli.

Over the years, I tried everything. Dozens of diets, dozens of trainers. I pulled out all the stops at least nine different times. Lost some weight only to gain it back and more… I spent hours and hours, not to mention a ton of money, just trying to better my health. But I failed.

Now, I'm a

New Me

I was Fat Lolli. I spent most of my life overweight, hiding behind blazers, hiding behind my

outward successes, hiding behind my well-intended but unkept promises to myself to get fit.

Trying to Beat Obesity. It’s Not Easy!


It’s not easy to lose weight permanently. It’s not easy to transform your life and body. It takes determination and grit. It takes getting to the gym when you don’t feel like it. It takes sticking to the meal plan when you’d rather eat a donut.

“So, do it.”, “Just do it.”, “Get it over with.” , “If you’re not going to do it for yourself, do it for your family.”, “Don’t you love your family?”, “Don’t you love yourself?”


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