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Stuck in a lockdown with zero gym equipment at home might be one of the worst things to happen to a gym freak. Well, don’t get discouraged. There are still many ways by which you can turn your home into a tiny gym. One of them being, using your daily essentials as DIY Gym Equipments! 

Let’s take a look at how!


#1 Chair As a Bench

Use a steady and heavy chair to perform exercises such as tricep dips.

#2 Rice Bags As Weights

Who would have thought that there would finally be something interesting about grocery shopping! 

Use your rice bags as a simple weight to perform exercises like squats and lunges.

Pro tip: Secure the rice bag in a zip-lock first to avoid any spilling.

#3 Towels As Yoga Mats

No yoga mat? No worries! Just use your towel! Lay down your towel and use it as a mat for exercises like a downward dog.

For a better feel, you can even layer two towels at once.

#4 Stairs As a Cardio Machine

If you don’t have stairs at your home or apartment, use the ones at a local park for doing cardio exercises. 

#5 Duffel Bag As Sandbag

Fill one of your old duffel bags with some laundry and use it as a sandbag for workouts such as sandbag walking lunge.

#6 Paper Plates As Glider Discs

Recreate some paper plates into glider discs and follow exercises such as mountain climbers and plank jacks.

#7 Rope As a Suspension Trainer

If you have any rope lying around in your garage, take it out! 

Take two pieces of rope and tie them on two individual sturdy platforms (some big trees maybe). That’s it! Your suspension trainer is ready!

#8 Couch Cushions As Balance Tools

Use your everyday couch cushion as a BOSU to perform balance exercises like single-leg holds, bird dog, and bridge.

#9 Heavy Book/Basketball As Medicine Ball

There must be at least one big, fat book that you may have received as a present or that one basketball that you haven’t played with for ages! Use them now as a medicine ball for workouts like upward crunches.

#10 Milk Jugs As Kettlebells

Use milk jugs as kettlebells for exercises like deadlifts and curtsy lunges.


Recreating a gym at home is not that difficult if you think a little creatively! Use your DIY equipment and start working out! 

For more such tips and tricks, become a part of the Radical Body Transformations’ Facebook Community. In case of any other fitness and exercise-related queries, contact our esteemed trainers for a Free Consultation!

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