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Mother Nature’s Sports Drink!

There is nothing better than sipping on fresh and sweet coconut water on a warm, sunny day! 

Coconut water has been a favorite summer drink of many for a long time. But did you know about the unlimited benefits it has in store for us? 

Keep reading as we unravel some of them!


#1 Nutrient Powerhouse

Just one coconut water cup is jam-packed with many nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber, protein, magnesium, vitamin c, calcium, and many more.

#2 Full Of Antioxidants

Many free radicals in our body cause damage to our cells. To fight these radicals, we need antioxidants. Coconut water has many such healthy antioxidants that protect us from these components.

#3 Helps Curb Diabetes

Many studies have shown that coconut water helps in controlling the blood sugar levels in our body. 

The magnesium present in coconut water diminishes blood sugar levels by increasing insulin sensitivity, especially for people with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes.

#4 Prevention Against Kidney Stones

As we have already discussed, coconut water has a lot of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent the production of free radicals in our body and slow down stone formation in the urinary tract.

#5 Boosts Cardiac Wellness

Regular consumption of coconut water has proven to reduce blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels in our bodies. This shows a significant boost in cardiac wellness.

#6 Regulates Blood Pressure

Studies portray that the high levels of potassium present in coconut water decrease our bodies’ systolic blood pressure.

#7 Hydrating Properties

Coconut water replenishes the lost electrolytes in our bodies. This is essential as electrolytes are responsible for maintaining fluid balance in our system.

#8 Promotes Skin Glow

The minerals and hydration qualities of coconut water keep our skin rejuvenated and gives it a charming glow!

#9 Slows Down Aging

Apart from other healthy nutrients, coconut water also provides us with an adequate supply of cytokinins. These cytokinins promote anti-aging qualities in our skin inside out!

#10 Promotes Weight Loss

Coconut water may be the most delicious way of losing weight!

It is light in calories and heavy on bio-active enzymes. These enzymes help with digestion and boost the metabolic activities in our body, promoting weight loss.

So on your next grocery run, don’t forget to add coconut water to your cart! 


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