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Five misconceptions about Asthma and exercise

Hi, Radical Body Fitness family! Today we're going to talk about an unusual topic. We're debunking some myths for you. We're talking about Asthma and exercise. Should you exercise if you have Asthma? Are asthma treatments the same as athlete steroids? We’re asked these questions frequently. We decided to end the confusion. Let's go over these common myths one by one. But first, let us understand what is Asthma in a nutshell.

What is Asthma?

According to the Mayo Clinic, Asthma is a medical condition where patients experience shortness of breath. Asthma is also known as bronchial Asthma. It is a respiratory disease. The airways don't operate properly in normal conditions. The reason for this is the mucus deposit in the airways. It causes difficulty breathing. Let's debunk myths related to Asthma and exercise.

I shouldn't exercise because I have Asthma.

Number one, illnesses, and diseases shouldn't be your limit. It doesn't define you as a person. Asthma and exercise-induced Asthma are two different things. If Asthma worsens by exercise, you wouldn't hear of world-class athletes like David Beckham. Exercising strengthens your heart and lungs. It also improves your immune system. So, by all means, exercising doesn't deteriorate your health condition. You can exercise regularly, even if you have Asthma. For example, you can do daily walking and jogging at your own pace.

I'll outgrow Asthma

In the present day and time, there is no fixed cure for Asthma. There are some treatments, however. Exercising adds to a moderated lifestyle. You can keep Asthma under control by exercising. You can continue to exercise moderately.

Steroids for asthma treatment are dangerous.

We're not saying that Asthma medicine doesn't contain steroids. Asthma medicines contain steroids but aren't bad for your health per-say. Medications include regulated quantities of steroid in them. Only a tiny fraction of steroids end up being absorbed by the body. Asthma medicines are clinically factory-made under government laws. These are safe for children too. However, you must consult your doctor before popping a pill or two.

Nobody dies from Asthma.

Asthma disease has no cure but only medication. But recovery rates of the illness have a slim margin. It doesn't qualify as a statement that nobody dies from Asthma. As a person suffering from Asthma, you can take care of your health. There are many ways you can do that which involved exercising. We have debunked some myths about Asthma and exercise. It is evident that you can do regular exercise even if you have Asthma. However, keep in mind that exercising doesn't cure Asthma, it only controls it.

You can stop taking your medications if you feel good.

It would be best if you never got off your medications without your doctor's consultation. Exercises do help you feel better. Exercises indeed help you live longer, despite you having Asthma. But it would be best if you don't take temporary relief signs for permanent solutions. A reason for you feeling good can be anything. It can because your prescribed medications are working. Also, it could be that you're eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle. In no way, you are free to skip medication.


Let wrap up our conversation quickly, shall we?

  1. We understand that Asthma is a respiratory disease. We also learned that exercising is not harmful to Asthma patients.
  2. Regulating a healthy lifestyle is easy when you keep fit. Exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very important.
  3. If you might be struggling with your dietary intake, it’s normal. At first, you might not be sure about exercising as an Asthma patient, don’t worry. Seek help from professionals.

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