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Have you ever found yourself completely motivated to get fit, making kale smoothies one day but suddenly lazing in front of your tv while munching on chips the other day?

Well, it happens more often than you think! Sticking to your workout routine can be challenging, especially if you are stuck at home during a pandemic! But health is wealth!

We must work out every day for at least 20 minutes. It does not only keep us fresh and in shape but also keeps our blood flowing and our organs healthy.

But habits don’t develop so quickly. To stay fit, you will have to train your mind and body to motivate yourself and stomp in the exercise hours. A great way to do so is by signing up for a Fitness Challenge! 

Are you not convinced yet? We have 5 more staggering arguments that will make you sign up for a fitness challenge right away! Keep reading!

#1 It Sets a Fixed Timeline

Fitness challenges always come with a fixed start and end date. When we are provided with a start point and a deadline, it gets more comfortable to stick to the schedule and go through with the task.

#2 Organised Road Map

One of the main reasons why we stop ourselves from working out is that we don’t have a defined plan in hand. This is where fitness challenges come in. A good fitness challenge will always provide you with a defined layout of the diets and exercises that you have to follow during the set duration. All you are expected to do is stick to it!

#3 Tracking Progress

Usually, fitness challenges give you certain milestones that help you track your progress. For example, they may ask you to update your weight every ten days or every fifteen days (depending on the duration of the said challenge).

#4 Targetted Goals

An added advantage of fitness challenges is that they come with clear, targeted goals.

Setting your mind for just ‘weight loss’ may not be as motivating as having a set goal in mind. When you focus on definite body areas for workouts, the chances of getting good results become higher.

#5 Support From Peers

Working out solo can be tedious and demotivating. 

Having a group of friends with you who are taking part in the same journey and process can make things fun! You get to track your goals, share tips, and support each other. 

And let’s face it, a healthy competition never hurts! 

The RBT 12 Week Challenge!

The Radical Body Transformations team presents you with the most exclusive fitness challenge of the year! 

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, RBT Challenge comes with many other loaded perks – 

  • Bundles of diet and nutrition guides
  • Guided assistance from our trainers 
  • Free access to Radical Body Transformations’ premium membership
  • Exclusive blogs and articles

And saving the biggest perk for last, a chance of winning $5000! 

So you won’t just be fitter, you will also end up richer! 

Why wait? Sign up for the RBT Challenge now! And if you have any queries, contact us for a free consultation. You can also look at our Facebook Community page, where we keep uploading exciting tips and tricks!

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