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With all the gyms closed because of the global pandemic, people have started exploring the magic of working out at home! But in the absence of a proper training schedule, there might be a few things we miss out on (we may even end up believing in some home workout myths!)

If you want your at-home workouts to have the impact you are looking for, follow these simple tips – 


#1 Choose a Fixed Workout Space

You don’t need an entire studio or gym to have an impactful workout. Just pick a nice corner in your house and make it your designated workout space. The hassle of finding a new workout area every day may demotivate us. This way, one can avoid that.

#2 Set a Fixed Workout Time

We may sometimes get lazy and skip our workouts. To avoid that, try dedicating a slot of your daily schedule to your exercise sessions. It will help you form a habit and keep you on track!

#3 Participate In a Fitness Challenge

If you feel that regular workouts are getting too mundane for you, try participating in a fitness challenge! 

An excellent fitness challenge coming up is the Radical Body Transformations Challenge! Show the best body transformation in 12 weeks and get a chance to win $5000!

#4 Don’t Worry About Equipment

Don’t put a pause on your workouts just because you don’t have gym equipment. Try tackling exercises that don’t need any equipment or DIY it at home using your daily essentials!

#5 Workout In Gym Clothes

Wearing your gym clothes will give you the vibe of exercising. Plus, having appropriate workout attire such as proper sports shoes and stretchy clothing prevents you from injuries.


Follow these simple and easy tips and get back on your fitness train! You will surely see the results soon! 

For more such tricks, follow the Radical Body Transformations Facebook Community where you can connect with fitness enthusiasts just like you! If you need a professional’s help, contact us for a free consultation where our trainers would be more than happy to assist you!

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