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Being a new parent is exciting, but it also invites some challenges (especially during an on-going global pandemic).

Learning the ins-and-outs of parenting can be overwhelming as it is, even when things are normal. But having a new member join your family in these times, one needs to take full health and safety precautions.

To make it easier, we consulted a bunch of experts and curated a list of the top 5 measures that you should take to ensure a fit and secure environment for your child!

#1 Try Keeping Your Doctor Visits Online

Wellness visits with your pediatrician are essential. At no cost shall you miss out on them. But the one measure you can it is to limit your physical visits. Get in touch with your doctor and discuss a schedule with them that minimizes your physical appointments.

#2 Schedule Your Vaccine Appointments Smartly

Even if you manage to shift your wellness visits online, you will probably have to take your toddler to the doctor’s any way for their vaccines. 

While it is suggested that the vaccination schedule stay undisturbed, make an exception during the pandemic. Contact your pediatrician and discuss the timeline with them. Try to delay appointments as much as possible.

#3 Take Care While Stepping Outside

Now is the best time to stay inside and enjoy the extra cuddle time with your little one. But if you still need some exposure, go for long solo walks. Choose some less-crowded place, take full precautions (wear your mask, keep a sanitizer handy, etc.) 

Avoid visiting compact places like grocery stores as the chances of interaction there are higher. If you want some parent-to-parent time, sign up for some online parenting groups, and participate in activities virtually.

#4 Get Your Supplies Online

This is where your online shopping skills come in handy!

We are not asking you to hoard (other new parents need their resources as well!), but it is advisable to stock 1-2 weeks’ worth of supplies at a time. This will help you avoid unnecessary grocery store visits. 

An even better option is buying stuff online. If you want some specific products for your toddler that you cannot find in the online stores, try contacting the suppliers directly. There is a chance that they keep more in their physical inventory than they show online. You can even ask your pediatrician to suggest some alternatives.

#5 Don’t Shy Away From Asking For Help

Whether a first-timer or not, being a parent is always tricky. During these challenging times, you may face some issues you probably weren’t expecting, and that is okay! 

Just take a deep breath and remember that you are not alone. It is advisable to become a part of some online parenting circles to interact with other parents and discuss your concerns. If you are unable to find some, ask your pediatrician to recommend you a few names.


It is also essential to take care of your mental health. If you are feeling under the snow, contact a professional health expert. You can call us at Radical Body Transformations for a free consultation or join our Facebook Community, where all your concerns will indeed be addressed.


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