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Can you hear the jingles of the festive season arriving!! Because it is finally that time of the year!

It is human to get carried away in the festive season and leave your diet behind. But these tiny missteps can lead to us turning into Santa and losing our fitness streak. 

Now, avoiding all the Christmas suppers and parties is neither feasible nor advisable (family time is essential). So, what to do? How to stay healthy during Christmas?

Below, we have compiled 6 tips that can help you in this dilemma so that ‘losing Christmas weight’ won’t be your new year’s resolution!

#1 Always Keep a Bottle Of Water Handy

It is possible that in the holiday craze, you forget to hydrate yourself properly. Dehydration can cause many problems in our body – 

  • Lethargy
  • Less energy
  • Dry skin
  • Bloating 

Keep a bottle of water nearby all the time and take a sip from it every now and then. You can even add ingredients like mint, berries, and lemons to your water to make the detox version!

#2 Think Before You Take a Bite

It is crucial what food item lands on your plate. Try filling it more with dishes like veggies and salads and less with stuff like ham, cake, puddings, and so on. Portion size is the deal sealer here. Remember that!

#3 Don’t Break Up With Exercise

The festive season is not a ‘get out of jail free’ card from exercise! In fact, it is in these days that you need it even more!

Try exercising for at least 20 minutes a day. You can try Yoga, Fast Walks, or even stay-at-home workout challenges

One can sign up for the RBT Challenge as well! It is a 12-week fitness challenge that not only gives you the gift of health but also lays a chance of winning $5000!

#4 Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Covering up the standard 8-hour benchmark on sleep is not enough. You must maintain some sense of consistency.

It is natural to have a few late nights but try not to make it a habit. Otherwise, your body would not be able to get that rest that it very much needs. 

Try avoiding naps in the afternoon and cover the full stretch in the night time itself.

#5 Be a Fruit Ninja

Yes, just like the game!

Let’s be honest. Fruits never make it on the Christmas menu! They often get left out. 

For a healthy Christmas, try and reverse that! While we party and stay up all night eating junk food, sneaking in one or two fruits can replenish those minerals and vitamins that we may not get from our Christmas suppers.

#6 Don’t Turn Into a Sugar Monster

The Santa cookies and gingerbread houses will attract you a lot! But that is the time to show some self-control.

Having an excess of sugar can play with your hormonal balance. This will leave you with mood swings and sometimes even nausea. 

To make the cravings subtle, try having more proteins and veggies in your diet. You can also substitute your standard sugar desserts with low-calorie versions.


We hope these tips and tricks can help you have a steady and healthy schedule during the Christmas days. For more such ideas, you can sign up on our Facebook Community page or contact us for a free consultation with our trainers!


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