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The holiday season is almost over, and with that, so are our diets…

It is almost impossible to go through the holidays without gaining a few extra pounds. The dinners, the cakes, the cookies, even if you choose healthy holiday recipes, putting on weight is inevitable.

But before you start googling things like ‘how to lose 5 pounds in a week’, we have curated seven easy and healthy ways that can help you get rid of the holiday weight.

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#1 Hydrate Yourself

Sometimes we tend to underestimate the importance of water.

  • A part of the weight we gain is bloating. Consuming water regularly can help us eliminate excessive sodium levels and reduce the bloating in our bodies.
  • Water helps us increase our metabolism. Good metabolism equals to fast weight loss.
  • Drinking water at regular intervals also decreases our hunger cues.

To make it more fun, you can try different detox water recipes and add some fresh flavors!

#2 Veggies For The Win

Another easy solution is to load your meals with fresh vegetables. Vegetables are a direct source of fiber.

Fiber keeps our digestive system on track and helps us stay full for an extended period of time. Some easy ways of adding veggies to your diet are:

  • Replacing one meal per day with a bowl of salad.
  • Filling 80% of your plate with vegetables.
  • Replace your snacks with carrots/celery sticks.

#3 Break Up With Unnecessary Calories 

If you are looking for some good post-holidays snacks, try avoiding the ones with less nutritional value. That means, avoid products like chips, baked goods, sodas, and so on. Instead, fill your shopping cart with healthy substitutes like whole wheat, quinoa, and brown rice.

#4 Avoid Alcohol 

Many alcoholic or caffeine-induced drinks are filled with sugar. In addition to that, alcoholic beverages like Beer are an excellent source of unwanted calories. 

If you don’t want to completely cut back on alcohol, avoid mixers, and go for leaner drinks.

#5 Don’t Choose Gluten-Free So Easily

There is no doubt that going gluten-free shows excellent weight loss results. Many people have already started with this trend and are even following it vigorously.

But before you hop onto this train, remember not all trends suit everyone. It is crucial to understand your body’s needs and requirements. Hence, it is advisable to first consult with a nutritionist and then follow such diets.

#6 Try Strength Training

Sticking to long walks or basic cardio is okay but not something that you can pursue long-term. It is advisable to keep mixing your workout routine with strength training and basic weight lifting for better results and more endurance.

#7 Choose Your Snacks Wisely

Snacking is fine. In fact, it is encouraged. It is proven that snacking improves our energy levels and keeps the blood-sugar balance in our body steady.

But you must choose your snack wisely. Avoid selecting packaged and processed foods. They contain high amounts of sugar, salt, sodium, and fat, which makes our bodies bloat. Instead, try snacks like raw vegetables and dried fruits.


By following these steps, you can effortlessly get back to your target weight while increasing your metabolism (sounds like a win-win).


If you are looking for more healthy tips and tricks, become a part of the Radical Body Transformations Facebook Community. If you are looking for a more personalized approach, you can contact our trainers for a free consultation and resolve all your queries!


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