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Jennifer Lopez was born in Oklahoma but now resides in Colorado, where she works as a coach for Radical Body Transformations.

Jennifer was always destined for success in fitness: her family consists of a hall of fame college football coach, an NFL coach, NFL scout and agent and a high school football coach. Her family lived and breathed fitness and growing up surrounded by this encouraged her to pursue it as her career.

After qualifying as a personal trainer under the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), she began working as a private personal trainer and part time instructor at a gym in Colorado. Having trained countless clients to become healthier and fitter, Jennifer knew she had found her calling in life.


Due to Jennifer’s upbringing in a fitness conscious family, she has become accustomed to physical activity and taking care of your health. She wants to share this with others, and is deeply saddened by the rates of lifestyle-related chronic disease across America. Jennifer’s mission is to inspire people to get moving, to improve their mental and physical health, to ultimately help to reduce the instance of chronic disease.

This passion and drive has allowed Jennifer to help numerous people regain control over their health, so that they can enjoy life. Jennifer’s unique training style encourages her clients to have fun with exercise – to work hard, but to also enjoy the process.

When she’s not training people, Jennifer is an avid powerlifter. She loves feeling physically and mentally strong, which she achieves through the discipline of powerlifting. Her mental strength is also practiced through learning, and she is constantly reading self-development books to keep her growing as a person and as a coach.

Jennifer is excited to work with everyone at Radical Body Transformations, to help hundreds of men and women find happiness, through health.


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