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About RBT

Radical Body Transformations, as the name suggests, is about helping you achieve body transformations, helping you have the body you always wanted, helping you get into clothes you always wanted to wear, helping you to “Be New”.

Not just any fitness company, we’re a family! A judgment-free area for everyone to learn, share, transform, and inspire “fitness” This is a community where the members can have candid discussions about nutrition, workouts, supplements, and everything “fitness.”


Our aim is to transform lives of people and make them fitter and healthier, and eventually build the largest FITNESS COMMUNITY.


RBT aims to​ reach out to a vast majority of people and transform their lives for good, by making them believe how convenient it can get to stay healthy and move together as a fit community, once you initiate putting an effort.

Our Founders

An idea, when given the right direction, leads to a Legendary VISION.

Here are the people responsible for the very existence of RADICAL BODY TRANSFORMATIONS.


Most people know Anthony as a multi-millionaire successful real estate mogul, but that’s not all there is to him. Like many millions of Americans, Anthony struggled with his weight. For 20 years he prioritized his business at the expense of his health. Anthony has achieved great business expense, founding one of New York’s top real estate brokerages and expanding it to over 100 franchises in the most competitive region in the nation.


Anthony’s Insatiable Drivers

Anthony can be characterized by his two insatiable drivers: to be the best and to give back. Aside from the rapid expansion of his business, Anthony also:

Co-authored a bestselling book, The Heart of the Deal: How to Negotiate like a Real Estate Mogul

Founded a real estate school that has since taught 47,000 students

Made hundreds of media appearances including Fox News, CNN, ABC, MSNBC and more

Became a recognized thought leader, speaking at various conferences and seminars

Launched an online training platform for real estate agents

Supported over 30 non-profit organizations

Founded a multimedia production and talent management company – Lolli Brands Entertainment

Won numerous awards, becoming a recognized figure in business

Invested in philanthropy, real estate and small businesses, contributing to the socioeconomic growth of his local community

 As a move away from real estate, Anthony founded Lolli Brands Entertainment. He was no stranger to the media: from interviews, speaking engagements and contributions to print media, to winning the Viral Campaign of the Year at the PR World Awards – Anthony knows how to effectively use the media to spread a message. Since its creation, Lolli Brands Entertainment has worked with visionaries like Spike Lee, produced award-winning short films such as Cannes Film Festival nominee A Life for a Life, collaborated with stars like 50 Cent, Raekwon and Fat Joe and worked on hit television shows like Impractical Jokers.

 The Other Side of The Coin

Despite Anthony’s external success, he was struggling. Growing up, he was always a bigger guy, but when he achieved business success, Anthony felt like it was time to focus on what really matters – his health. After numerous failed attempts to get fit: trying the latest diets, working with the best trainers and jumping on the new trends; Anthony wasn’t seeing results. On his 40th birthday, Anthony’s daughter looked at him and said “Daddy, you’re fat. I don’t want you to die.” That was the push he needed to radically transform his body and health.

 Less than one year later, Anthony had lost 125 pounds and decided to commit his life to helping others in the same position. Unlike all the fit trainers and health coaches you see – Anthony’s just like you. He learnt the key skills needed to alter his daily habits to produce real, permanent changes; discovering simple techniques that anyone can follow, to help you lose the weight for good and feel amazing.

So now Anthony is putting what he has learnt on his fitness journey into practice. He has teamed up with James Hergott, the producer of Radical Body Transformations, an Amazon prime docuseries, to create the next season and build a community of people desperate to radically improve their health. Lolli Brands Entertainment has released a full length documentary about Anthony – ‘From Fat Lolli to Six Pack Lolli’ to share his story and experience with the world.

 Fast forward to the present: Anthony’s happier, healthier and performs better in life, not just in business. He has since won physique and body transformation awards, going from fat to six pack fit. He has committed his life to helping others achieve success in their professional lives, it only makes sense that the next step is to help others achieve success in their personal lives, starting with what matters most – their health.


Behind every successful business is the person who makes it so, and Carlos Angelucci is the man behind the scenes at Radical Body Transformations.

After starting his career in telecommunication sales, Carlos moved into the world of real estate working alongside Anthony Lolli, his now partner in multiple business ventures. Carlos worked as a top realtor at one of New York’s most famous brokerages. After being assigned the Chief Operating Officer, Carlos expanded the company from a single firm to over 100 franchises in just two year.


Due to his exponential success in real estate in the US’ most competitive market, Carlos was named a ‘King of Kings County’ by The Brooklyn Spectator in recognition of his contribution toward the socioeconomic growth of Brooklyn. The business model that Carlos implemented was so successful that in 2008, at the height of the economic crash, he was able to turn a small mom-and-pop single real estate brokerage office into a growing national franchise. This inspired Carlos and his business partner to share what they had learned with the world.

 They did this in the form of a best selling book – The Heart of the Deal: How to Negotiate like a Real Estate Mogul, public speaking, founding the second largest real estate school in New York City, training more than 40,000 people in real estate and launching an online platform to share their insights. Their skills, experience and results-driven strategies have been shared with tens of thousands of individuals working in real estate, to transform their lives and innovate how real estate is done nationally.

 Carlos sold the real estate business but maintained his involvement in property, serving as Chairman of a real estate holdings firm, playing a major advisory role in property development, administration and joint ventures. Carlos is an avid investor and prides himself in giving back to the extended community by contributing to the economic growth of small businesses and startups, and providing economic relief for more than 30 non-profit organizations.

 Having conquered real estate, Carlos is now pursuing a different direction with the same momentum. After breaking the mould and innovating real estate, Carlos co-founded Lolli Brands Entertainment, a multimedia production and talent management company that seeks to innovate the entertainment industry. The company has worked with visionaries like Spike Lee, produced award-winning short films such as Cannes Film Festival nominee A Life for a Life, collaborated with stars like 50 Cent, Raekwon and Fat Joe and worked on hit television shows like Impractical Jokers.

 Lolli Brands Entertainment recently partnered with James Hergott to build Radical Body Transformations into a successful business. Carlos’ business partner Anthony had been struggling with obesity and after altering his lifestyle and diet was able to transform his health for the better. Carlos documented Anthony’s process in a full length feature documentary titled From Fat Lolli to Six Pack Lolli. This inspired Carlos and Anthony to join forces with filmmaker James Hergott to work on the documentary series Radical Body Transformations to pioneer a new type of fitness – relatable, results-driven and revolutionary.

 Radical Body Transformations is transforming people’s lives through fitness in a way that has never been done before. Carlos is working diligently behind the scenes to expand the online fitness platform and to ensure the success of the third season of the Amazon prime show; with the ultimate intention of spreading the message and tools needed to change lives.

 Summary of Awards and Achievements:

 Co-Author of Best Selling Books: The Heart of the Deal,  How to Invest and Negotiate Like a Real Estate Mogul.

 Chief Operating Officer of Top Real Estate Brokerage.

 COO of one of New York City’s most successful real estate companies expanding to over 100 franchises in just two years.

 Co-Founder Lolli Brands Entertainment.

 Executive Producer of Amazon Documentary Series Radical Body Transformations

Chairman of Real Estate Holdings Firm.

 Owner of Numerous Multi-Family Buildings in New York City.

 Supported Over 30 Non-Profit Organizations  From national charities to local causes

SmartCEO Executive Management Awards

 Excellence in executive management in New York City.

 Nationally Recognized Thought Leader Carlos has been featured in, and contributed to, numerous pieces of media ranging from print to television.

 Inc. 5000 Carlos’ real estate business was proud to be recognized on Inc. Magazine’s definitive list of the fastest-growing companies in America.

 New York City’s Best Firms to Work For The Real Deal gave Carlos’ real estate brokerage their seal of approval, highlighting how much the company’s agents enjoy working there.

 Kings of Queens 2011.

 The Queens Courier honored Carlos for his ongoing efforts to create opportunities and promote economic growth in Queens, NY.

 PR World World Awards – Viral Campaign of The Year.

 Awarded in recognition of the handling of the media phenomenon that swirled around when the company revealed that 40 of its agents (later the number grew to over 100) got tattoos of the company logo.


James Hergott’s lifelong passion for storytelling, combined with his vast experience as a filmmaker, writer, director, producer, creative consultant and bodybuilder, culminated into the Radical Body Transformations documentary series and fitness/weightloss movement. Seasons 1 and 2 have been released via Google Play, Apple TV and Amazon Prime in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand and is now filming its third season as the RBT fitness movement gains new worldwide participants and momentum each day.


His first feature film, All That I Need, debuted at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2005 and secured a limited theatrical release with Regal Entertainment Group. The film gained critical acclaim, and symbolized the moment in which Hergott was recognized as a ‘filmmaker to watch’.  The San Antonio Express News commended Hergott for ‘showcasing gumption and creative sleight of hand, sure to take him further as a director and writer’.

 Off the back of his Cannes success, from 2005 to 2007 Hergott served as president of publicly traded Beverly Hills entertainment production and distribution company, Imperia Entertainment.  Under James’ management, Imperia produced a number of multi-million dollar films and television entities including Say It In Russian, a film starring Academy Award winner Faye Dunaway with a budget of $5 million.

 In 2008, Hergott wrote, directed and produced the MMA reality show MMA Worldwide which was distributed nationally on Mark Cuban’s HDNET (now AXS TV).  Gaining an insight into the world of MMA inspired James to learn more, and to share social awareness of the sport. This brought him to Iraq, in which he produced a documentary about the first ever MMA Fights in Iraq, titled A Fight For The Troops. This documentary film was extremely successful, and James was awarded a Greywolf Medal by the US Army for his contribution to sharing valuable and engaging content that had largely been dismissed by mainstream media.

 In 2010 he headed back to Canada where he wrote and executive produced a documentary feature film focused on UFC Champion, George St.Pierre, entitled, The Striking Truth, which was distributed globally.

 Due to his success in film, James sought to combine his work with his passion for fitness.  After winning national awards in bodybuilding for the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA) and competing in the IFBB World Qualifiers, in 2013 James was given the opportunity to work as Business Director and Creative Consultant for the multi-award winning documentary Generation Iron. The film has become the number one sports/fitness film in the world.

 In 2015, James independently founded Radical Body Transformations, an inspiring documentary series. It features people from all walks of life who are on a weight loss and fitness journey to better their lives both mentally and physically and was distributed by Amazon Prime in more than 3 continents. 

 In 2019, Hergott joined forces with New York real estate moguls Anthony Lolli and Carols Angelucci, after Lolli had tremendous success with his own ultimate radical body transformation. Working as partners, the three  are expanding the current docudrama series into a full length feature Documentary, From Fat Lolli to 6 Pack Lolli,  in addition to creating an inspiring global online fitness community and brand.  

 Summary of Achievements:

 -Nationally recognized thought leader with global media coverage from Fox News to Costco Magazine.

-Interviewed some of the world’s most elusive and influential figures including Dr Jordan B Peterson.

-President of publicly traded Imperia Entertainment.

-Wrote and produced multiple award winning films and television series.

-Successful competitive bodybuilder.

-Produced SWOLE distributed by VICE media.

-Founder of Radical Body Transformations – a multi-season Amazon Prime show and fitness brand and  movement.


Radical Body Transformations comes with it’s very own Fitness program, which not only helps you lose weight and shed those extra pounds, but also transforms your life, and makes you fit emotionally, physically and mentally.

We specialize in the 360 degree FITNESS REGIME. From providing Virtual coaching sessions, 1400+ workout videos for users, live workout sessions and one-to-one counselling of our subscribers, to CUSTOMIZED workout and diet plans, the SHOPIFY segment with our own Clothing and Accessories brand, “BE NEW”, as well as the  Fitness Equipment and Nutritional Supplements as per need.

We run a Hit Amazon Prime reality show RADICAL BODY TRANSFORMATIONS, which is unique in its own way.




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