About RBT

Radical Body Transformations, as the name suggests, is about helping you achieve body transformations, helping you have the body you always wanted, helping you get into clothes you always wanted to wear, helping you to “Be New”.

Not just any fitness company, we’re a family! A judgment-free area for everyone to learn, share, transform, and inspire “fitness”. This is a community where the members can have candid discussions about nutrition, workouts, supplements, and everything “fitness.”


Our aim is to transform the lives of people and make them fitter and healthier, and eventually build the largest FITNESS COMMUNITY.


RBT aims to​ reach out to a vast majority of people and transform their lives for good, by making them believe how convenient it can get to stay healthy and move together as a fit community, once you initiate putting an effort.


Anthony Lolli Aka 6 Pack Lolli

Anthony transformed himself from “Fat Lolli” to “6 pack Lolli” & is a multi-millionaire successful real estate mogul and New York’s real estate brokerage business elite. He has co-authored bestselling books, produced award-winning short films at Cannes Film Festival, and collaborated with stars like 50 Cent, Raekwon and Fat Joe, and worked on hit television shows.


Carlos ‘King of Kings County’ with his multiple business ventures, dominated the world of real estate with Anthony Lolli. He co-authored best-selling books and aced public speaking while founding the second-largest real estate school in New York City, training more than 40,000 people. He has co-produced multiple Cannes Film Festival award-winning short movies.


James Hergott is an award-winning national bodybuilder & a fitness icon, a filmmaker, writer, director, producer, creative consultant. He’s a Cannes recognized director and writer & Under his management, several multi-million dollar films and television shows were produced. He’s on a mission to empower global citizens on the globally hit docu-drama series Radical Body Transformations.

Our History

Radical Body Transformations comes with its very own Fitness program, which not only helps you lose weight and shed those extra pounds, but also transforms your life, and makes you fit emotionally, physically and mentally.

We specialize in the 360-degree FITNESS REGIME. From providing Virtual coaching sessions, 1400+ workout videos for users, live workout sessions and one-to-one counseling sessions to our subscribers, to CUSTOMIZED workout and diet plans, the SHOPIFY segment with our own Clothing and Accessories brand, “BE NEW”, as well as the Fitness Equipment and Nutritional Supplements as per need.

We run a Hit Amazon Prime reality show RADICAL BODY TRANSFORMATIONS, which is unique in its own way.

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