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Are you scared of looking like Santa Claus after Halloween with a belly shaking like a bowl full of Jelly?

Don’t worry. We got your back! 

For some people, the ghosts aren’t the only thing to be scared of on Halloween. While the shiny wrappers of crunchy candies attract us, we get scared of breaking our diet and gaining weight that we had just lost.

But when candy is the only thing you see at every corner, how do you control yourself?

Drive Away The Fear!

No pun intended!

Sometimes, holding onto our craving may not be the wisest option. If you are on a diet and hold onto your cravings, the chances are that that self-control may not last for long. 

When that happens, a person tends to munch on more than they would typically and consume many calories.

Many studies suggest that if you are craving something, it is better to have a small portion. For example, if you are craving chocolate, then rather than consuming an entire bar, go for a smaller, fun-size version. That way, you stop yourself from consuming a lot of calories at once.

Even the calories you consumed with that bar can be replaced further along with your diet in tiny adjustments made every day. 

Apart from that, we have many more magical tips for you that can help you during Halloween –

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More Spooky Tips And Tricks

Resort to healthier treats

Instead of handing out chocolate and candies, go for healthier options such as raisins or granola bars. This way, you not only help the kids but yourself as well. Not being surrounded by your favorite candy bars will naturally decline the cravings.

Fix a Number

Instead of going all out at once, fix a number. Decide and treat yourself with a fixed number of candies per day.  This way, your body will know that a sweet treat is already on its way and won’t provoke any cravings.

Stuff Yourself Before Trick or Treating

Before you trick or treat, make sure that your stomach is full (but not so full that you vomit. That is not the kind of horror people expect on Halloween!). When we are full, our body is less likely to initiate cravings. Even if you do crave candy, you will end up eating less of it with a full stomach.

Gum For The Win!

Make sure that you have sugar-free gum handy. Studies prove that chewing on gum can help us relieve stress and get rid of sugar cravings. Plus, it is perfect for your face muscles!

Exercise a Little More

Maybe add one or two more reps to your exercise or home workout schedule during the holidays. That way, if not all, then you are at least burning some of the extra calories via exercise that you may be gaining apart from your regular diet. 

Stay Alert And Don’t Feel Guilty.

Even if you do end up consuming more calories than you planned on, don’t stress out. Remember that you are only human and it is normal to have a little bit of fun during the holidays. So stay calm. Stay collected. Work out a plan to make up for the gained weight and tell yourself that you can do it! (you will be amazed to see the power of motivation in our body!)

Don’t let the ghosts of calories scare the fun out of your Halloween celebrations. As long as you are planned and organized, you can easily continue your diets and achieve your target weights.

We hope the above tips were helpful to you! If you still have any diet-related queries or cannot decide which workout to follow, contact us here at Radical Body Transformation for a free consultation!

You can also follow our Facebook Community and keep track of more such tips and tricks that can make your transformation journey smooth as butter! Happy Halloween!

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