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The summer-scorching heat is back. You are sweating it out, looking for relief and calm. Parks and beaches offer momentary relief from the mighty sun.

Except during a pandemic, life's not the same.*dun dun dunnnn*

Hello, Radical Body Transformations members! We'll walk you through some challenging problems that lie ahead of us. Sunshine and sun rays on your ``summer bod`` and summer outfits are so mood uplifting. Some community gatherings spots are slowly opening, while many of them stay closed. Many Americans are now lured to go outside and enjoy life after spring break. But, do not forget COVID 19 that has claimed thousands of lives. We are mentioning some tips to battle COVID 19 during summers. We have also answered some of your burning questions related to the issue.

Let's dive into the details.

Expert guidelines on COVID 19 to enjoy summers safely when outside.

It is no lie that climate change isn’t affecting the summer heat this year. Temperatures have surprisingly skyrocketed, breaking all records and achieving an all-time high. Hence, we must notice that countless essential service providers are wearing personal protective equipment and gloves with masks. We can’t imagine all the hardships they go through to help us feel normal in our day to day lives.

We came across a jaw-dropping story of Aaron McCullough, and his three-year-old daughter Ariana. They went to a spray park in the city of New York when the temperatures soared 94 degrees. To their disappointment, there were no water sprays, not even the tiniest bit, but only their sweat.

It's not just the parks. The city's air-conditioned spots like theatres, malls have shut down too. The pandemic is the only apparent reason. COVID 19 has baffled the authorities on moderating the ``regular strategies`` to fit into the challenging situation. Climate change has also contributed to record-breaking temperatures. The conflicts of people wanting to go out and the authorities trying to control the situation already began.

In these unprecedented times, what is the right thing to do? You can look for alternate solutions. The authorities are for your protection and only want the best for the citizens. Life is slowly restoring to normal. But can you really wear protective equipment in the hot summers? Let’s learn a bit more about it, before we answer your questions.

What is the situation like in America right now?

Across upstate New York, urban areas continued cooling habitats shut recently. Even when temperatures crossed the 90 degrees mark, there's no relief to the ordinary residents whatsoever. Citizens continue to complain and demand going outside as their rights. Whereas, in Los Angeles, the situation is a bit under control.

In Los Angeles County, authorities opened cooling habitats when temperatures spiked. These included parks, beaches, and some community grounds. However, they were required to use face masks. And also, restricted the number of individuals who could be inside at any given point of time. It is a new way to tackle the problem at hand, while fulfilling citizen’s demands.

People are helpless against heat-related medical issues. Without radically expanding the danger of COVID-19, there's a narrow window of keeping safe and yet enjoying the summers. We will tell you how you can still enjoy the summers, with safety.

Your COVID 19 summer safety guide

We believe you are wearing a mask despite the scorching heat. You are also showering when you come back and washing everything that went out with you on a survival hunt. With precautions that we mentioned, companies are starting to operate in life again. For example, American airlines are also beginning to accept flight bookings. The cache: you wear PPE gowns, a mask, and gloves. It’s not limited to just airlines and airports. You also might be asked to wear a suit if you enter regular lounges, clubs or community centers in America.

Can’t imagine being a walking-talking hot oven. Geez.

But that is not enough! What are more things that you can do? We are highlighting the best practices to keep in mind to battle both summers and the COVID 19.

Do I Need to Wear a Mask or Practice Social Distancing While Outdoors?

Yes! Your covered face will protect you every time you step outside. Even at park visits, and peak hours at the beach, ensure that you practice social distancing.

Is Sunscreen on My Face Necessary if I'm Wearing a Face Covering? How Safe Is a Day at the Beach?

Yes! Sun protection is significant with a face covering. sunscreens prevent harmful UV rays. Your face mask can't filter UVA and UVB rays. We advise you not to go outside per se or the beaches alone. The beach day is not the safest for Americans yet.

Do I Need to Wear a Face Covering When I'm Riding a Bike?

We advise you not to do heavy intensity exercises outside. Chances of suffocating and fainting are high with face masks on. *LINK TO EXERCISE WITH FACE MASK IS DANGEROUS* Many Americans collapsed due to exhaustion while working out with a face mask.

Do I Need to Social Distance While Walking or Running?

Yes. You must follow social distancing even when you are walking or running. It is essential for your and others' safety. Aerobic exercises are beneficial, despite having a mask on when you do them.

Is It Safe to Go Hiking?

We understand that a power run or walk in nature is stress-relieving. You must cover your face if you need to step outside. However, do not exhaust your body beyond its capabilities.

Are Swimming Pools Safe?

No studies back the safety of water transmission of COVID 19 yet. So better safe than sorry. Coronavirus can spread across individuals in water in pools, hot tubs, spas, or water parks. Avoid these places for now.


Practice social distancing norms. Wash your hands frequently. Also, follow your government rules imposed in your zone. We want only the best for our Radical Body Transformations members. We're going to come out stronger and better. Till then, you can check out our ongoing training sessions and free video sessions for exercises to do at home these summers. Happy summers!

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