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Cardiovascular exercise, generally called cardio, is any physical activity that gets your heart rate up and elevates for a while. It includes the physical endeavors, be it running, swimming, walking, cycling, etc., or working out on elliptical machines like treadmills.

The biggest fear these days among many people is ‘if cardio makes them lose their muscle mass.’ Indeed! A big concern! So is it so?

Well, we have got it solved for you.

This preconceived notion is not very real if you are training smart. We get to see the pro bodybuilders, pro athletes, and other players; they have impressive looks. Don’t they have amazing muscles? But there also comes the fact that they do cardio as much as five times a week. Simple! The key is no need to overdo or underdo anything! Just do everything which you feel like doing at a proper limit. Besides this, have a healthy diet that will sustain your muscle mass.

Do you know what studies have found?

Research shows that cardio helps improve insulin sensitivity, which is in charge of how effectively the human body processes and uses carbs. This means the more improved insulin sensitivity is, the more carbs and amino acids your muscles will take. The result means increased muscle growth. 

Thus don’t abandon cardio, it’s beneficial in many ways, and cardio and weights can be perfect allies for your physique’s overall improvement!

Going deeper into the myth.

The folk tale that cardio leads to loss of muscle mass is half wrong. Yes, this is because people have some terrible misconceptions about fat loss. One being, if you starve yourself and do too much cardio, you will lose fat. But what internally happens to the body is not exactly what people think. The scientific perspective explains that internally, the body attains a catabolic state on performing excessive cardio and thereby burns hard-earned muscle fat. 

The right approach again is, you have to have enough proteins and healthy nutrients to meet the apt caloric expenditure, and there you go, you will build a lean! 

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