Behind every successful business is the person who makes it so, and Carlos Angelucci is the man behind the scenes at Radical Body Transformations.

After starting his career in telecommunication sales, Carlos moved into the world of real estate working alongside Anthony Lolli, his now partner in multiple business ventures. Carlos worked as a top realtor at one of New York’s most popular brokerages. After being assigned the Chief Operating Officer, Carlos expanded the company from a single firm to over 100 franchises in just two year.
Due to his exponential success in real estate in the US’ most competitive market, Carlos was named a ‘King of Kings County’ by The Brooklyn Spectator in recognition of his contribution toward the socioeconomic growth of Brooklyn. The business model that Carlos implemented was so successful that in 2008, at the height of the economic crash, he was able to turn a small mom-and-pop single real estate brokerage office into a growing national franchise. This inspired Carlos and his business partner to share what they had learned with the world.

They did this in the form of a best selling book – The Heart of the Deal: How to Negotiate like a Real Estate Mogul, public speaking, founding the second largest real estate school in New York City, training more than 40,000 people in real estate and launching an online platform to share their insights. Their skills, experience and results-driven strategies have been shared with tens of thousands of individuals working in real estate, to transform their lives and innovate how real estate is done nationally.

Carlos sold the real estate business but maintained his involvement in property, serving as Chairman of a real estate holdings firm, playing a major advisory role in property development, administration and joint ventures. Carlos is an avid investor and prides himself in giving back to the extended community by contributing to the economic growth of small businesses and startups, and providing economic relief for more than 30 non-profit organizations.

Having conquered real estate, Carlos is now pursuing a different direction with the same momentum. After breaking the mould and innovating real estate, Carlos co-founded Lolli Brands Entertainment, a multimedia production and talent management company that seeks to innovate the entertainment industry. The company has worked with visionaries like Spike Lee, produced award-winning short films such as Cannes Film Festival nominee A Life for a Life, collaborated with stars like 50 Cent, Raekwon and Fat Joe and worked on hit television shows like Impractical Jokers.

Lolli Brands Entertainment recently partnered with James Hergott to build Radical Body Transformations into a successful business. Carlos’ business partner Anthony had been struggling with obesity and after altering his lifestyle and diet was able to transform his health for the better. Carlos documented Anthony’s process in a full length feature documentary titled From Fat Lolli to Six Pack Lolli. This inspired Carlos and Anthony to join forces with filmmaker James Hergott to work on the documentary series Radical Body Transformations to pioneer a new type of fitness – relatable, results-driven and revolutionary.

Radical Body Transformations is transforming people’s lives through fitness in a way that has never been done before. Carlos is working diligently behind the scenes to expand the online fitness platform and to ensure the success of the third season of the Amazon prime show; with the ultimate intention of spreading the message and tools needed to change lives.




Radical Body Transformations is a one stop solution for all your fitness needs.
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