Joining The Challenge

Additional Rules and Other Important Details.


The grand prize winner will be the challenge participant that has the highest point total when combining all points received during the challenge period. 
There are 3 categories that are awarded points: 
1. Transformation Points
2. Brand Ambassador Points
3. People's Choice voting


Transformation Points:
The Top 20 people that have the best physical transformation are awarded points based on their ranking. These 20 people are selected based strictly on what there transformation was WITHIN the CHALLENGE period. 
[Maximum of 85 points can be won]
Brand Ambassador / Community Participation: 
The Top 20 people that accumulated the most combined points for social media and community engagement are awarded points based on their ranking. 
[Maximum of 20 points can be won]
People's Choice voting: 
During the challenge, there will be 4 voting periods where the participants will campaign for votes through social media. These voting periods are tentatively scheduled to take place after the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th weeks. These votes will be tallied at the end of the challenge and the Top 20 vote getters will be ranked from 1 to 20 and each ranking will have a corresponding number of points that will be counted towards the Grand Prize points 
[Maximum of 20 points can be won]
Each ranked position will have a corresponding point total. 
For example, the 1st place Brand Ambassador Points finisher will have more points awarded than the 17th place finisher. 
At the end of the challenge, each participant will be judged on their transformation and the Top 20 Transformations will be selected. These Top 20 will all be recognized for their transformations, irrespective of their ranking in the other categories.
The Transformation ranking points are then added to the total points, along with the Brand Ambassador Points and the People’s Choice Voting ranking points, to come up with the grand total amount of points. 
The participant with the highest combined number of points will be declared the Grand Prize Winner
Put simply, you get points for your transformation, you get points for community engagement, and you get points for the number of votes you get during the People’s Choice voting period. RBT will tally all those points and whoever has the most points wins.


This is MORE than just a physical Transformation Challenge. Our goal at Radical Body Transformations is to inspire and help people around the world to make permanent, positive changes to their lives. The way we maximize our impact is by sharing the stories of our community with the masses. This is why we reward community participation, and we ask the public to get involved with the voting process. This is RBT’s way of shining a light on the positive change that people are making.

Here’s what’s most important: Everyone that finishes our challenges, no matter where they place, they’ve ALREADY WON! The fact that you’ve effected such positive change in your life, instilled discipline and worked with one of our coaches to help you achieve whatever you accomplished during this challenge, is a win in itself. You’ve inspired your circle and have truly won in life.

These stories help others feel that they too can make change and they’re influenced to do so. Our challenges lend a real meaning to the word “influencer”, because all the challenge participants are helping “influence” so many people around the world to transform and Be new.


Participant agrees he/she shall not, at any time during the term of this Agreement or at any time thereafter, make any statements or representations, or otherwise communicate, directly or indirectly, in writing, orally, or otherwise, or take any action which may, directly or indirectly, tend to disparage, impugn or defame Radical Body Transformations or any of its members, managers, parents, subsidiaries, partners, employees, contractors, affiliates, agents, representatives, licensees, sponsors, predecessors, successors and/or assigns, or their businesses or reputations.

Name and likeness

Participant voluntarily and willing participates in the Challenge and hereby irrevocably grants to Company: 
(a) permission to capture Participant’s image, likeness, voice, name and statements in connection with the Challenge (collectively, the “Likeness”); and (b) a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, worldwide, exclusive license to publish, exploit, reproduce, display, perform, distribute, adapt, edit, modify, translate and/or create derivative works based upon and/or otherwise use and sublicense the Likeness, in Company’s sole discretion, in whole or in part, in any and all present and future media (including in photographs, films, audio recordings, video recordings and/or other media) for any and all purposes, including, but not limited to, for use in or in connection with the development of certain marketing and promotional materials and/or for any advertising, marketing and promotional purposes (collectively, the "Media").

Assumption of risk/ indemnification

Participant hereby agrees that neither Radical Body Transformations nor any its members, managers, parents, subsidiaries, partners, employees, affiliates, agents, representatives, licensees, predecessors, successors and/or assigns (“Company Indemnified Parties”) shall be liable to Participant for, and Participant expressly assumes the risk of and waives any and all claims it may now or ever have against Company or any Company Indemnified Parties with respect to: (i) any and all claims, damages or injuries, whether related to the Participant’s property or person, which are sustained by Participant in connection with the Challenge and/or Participant’s performance of his/her services hereunder and/or resulting from any act or omission (except for the intentionally wrongful act or omission) of Company; and/or (ii) any such damage sustained by Participant and caused by other participants or persons in connection with the Challenge who are not under the direct control of Company and/or related to (i) above. In no event shall Company be liable for, and Participant hereby waives any and all claims related to, reputational, mental, consequential, incidental and/or other related claims and/or damages.

Representations and warranties

Participant represents and warrants that: 
(a) he/she has been fully informed and warned by Company that Participant’s participation in the Challenge concerns strenuous physical activity and that Participant willingly assumes the risk of harm, injury or death by participating in the Challenge;

(b) he/she is in good physical and mental condition, and that he/she has no pre-existing injuries or medical conditions, such that he/she may safely participate in the Challenge without threat of injury, harm or death to him/herself or others, and that Participant has accurately and fully disclosed and reported to Company in writing of any and all his/her pre-existing injuries, medical conditions and/or mental health conditions that may injure Participant or hinder his/her participation in any activities relating to the Challenge;

(c) he/she truthfully and accurately represented to Company his/her medical history, physical capabilities and endurance levels, training, certifications, licenses and/or any other qualifications or matters that may bear upon Participant’s qualifications and/or performance in the Challenge and/or that may or may not impugn or negatively reflect upon the name and/or reputation of the Company, its representatives and/or its business and/or brand;

(d) he/she is not bound by any other agreements and/or obligations to third-parties that would preclude or impinge upon Participant from participating in any way in the Challenge and/or upon Company’s full and complete rights hereunder.

Intro video

Applicants for this challenge must submit a 60 second introduction video where they discuss why they want a transformation. This video should be as emotional and raw as needed. Do not hold back. This challenge can be the start of a life changing moment. If you follow through on this and you work hard and finish the challenge, you’ll regret not having a great BEFORE video, if you held back. Be transparent, share your story and let us know why you need this transformation and what it’s going to do for you. 
Ideally, when recording the video, you should be wearing any RBT apparel or have some branded items, if you own any. Remember, your video can help inspire you and countless others to make their own transformation and change their lives. 

Picture / Video date verification

Applications that are submitted must include pictures of the participant from 3 angles: Front View, Side View and Back View. Applicants must demonstrate the official RBT Challenge placard that will be provided to you. This can be displayed by printing it on a paper or by having a digital version of it on a tablet or laptop or other screen that’s large enough to view it. 

These placards are designed uniquely for each challenge, so that we know that a person could not have submitted an older photo, to show a more dramatic before image, when they could have been heavier. 

You must also submit a video showing your full body from head to toe, doing a 360 with the camera or turning around fully on video, while also showing the camera the placard. If the placard is on a piece of paper or on a screen, you should show it clearly to the camera, moving it and proving that there are no fraudulent images being created, to depict the placard onto a picture that was taken long before this challenge was announced. 

Please reference the following video on how your photos should be taken:

Weight verification

Please also take a clear picture and video of your starting weight and any subsequent check-in pictures. You should know that your weight may fluctuate. There may be times that your weight doesn’t change much but your body is taking shape and you look like you’re improving. Don’t be too alarmed when the scale seems to not perfectly match what you’re seeing in the mirror. Trust the process and stick with it. You must provide us with an accurate starting weight. Don’t use any tricks to increase your starting weight. If you watch the video on the link below, you’ll see that we know all the tricks, so please, keep it honest and compete in a clean way.

Please reference the following video for how your weigh-ins should be done: 
It is highly recommended that you use the same clothing or style of clothing for each weigh-in and for your photos. Ideally you’d use a bathing suit or shorts that reveal the physique in a way that allows people to see the changes that are happening to your body. If you take photos with your body fully covered, then it’s impossible to really assess your progress.

If you follow our system, you will lose weight and you will transform. The biggest regret that people have is that they didn’t take good BEFORE pics and videos, always remaining covered, and then they never have that opportunity back, because they won’t ever be that out-of-shape again.

Transformation award 
winner selections

Winners will be subjectively chosen by a panel consisting of RBT Executives and other fitness professionals . There are two main factors that are considered when selecting the Top 20 transformations. 
The amount of weight change (weight loss or muscle gain) that occurred DURING the challenge period.
The body composition changes and physical differences between before and after, as seen in pics and video DURING the challenge period
The judging is done strictly on the transformation that occurred during the challenge period. That means that if a participant made significant changes before the challenge period, that is something they should be commended for, but it will not have an impact on the judging.
Whether you’ve won competitions before or you’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight before this, that’s all awesome stuff, but this challenge is about competing against people during this time period. This keeps things fair, after all this challenge is about changes made during the 90 days, so show us what you can do!
Also, every participant has their own set of obstacles and hurdles that they overcame in life and in this challenge. We want to hear everyone’s story and everyone’s reasons for doing this. This is an important component to help accomplish our goal of being an inspiration to others. However, it is difficult and virtually impossible to factor in the individual pain and suffering that one person may have gone through and compare that to another person’s story. We cannot award hardship points, there’s just no fair way of quantifying what one person’s struggle is worth versus another. 
For this reason, we want to be clear that we absolutely want to know everyone’s story and it is part of the requirements, so that everyone knows what difficulties may have been overcome or what reasons each participant may have to do this transformation for, but this won’t be a part of the criteria used to select the transformation category finalists. 

Brand ambassador activities

This challenge is more than just a Transformation Challenge. The greater purpose of it is to help people around the world feel like they can do it too. We want to inspire others to start their own fitness journeys and change their lives forever.
This is why we incorporated a social media and brand ambassador component to the process. We want participants to learn to be proud of what they’re doing and to stay committed and accountable. One way to do that is to promote what they’re doing and to engage with others in our community and beyond. The points system for Brand Ambassador activities lays the foundation for this to happen.
Wearing RBT apparel in your posts and having a variety of branded gear is one way to stand out. Staying involved in the RBT Facebook Community and social media, through comments, likes, reposts, videos, reels, standard posts -- with positive messaging, telling people about your experience. Letting people know about the coaching you’re receiving and being a positive and motivational spirit online, especially to other participants, will go a long way towards standing out. 
Be as creative as possible with your content. Be inspirational. Be fun. Do whatever it takes to make your name known. People should know who you are, as you’re going through this process. It’s all part of the new you that you’re debuting. 
Examples of posts that can be done 
(there’s no limit to this, these are just some examples):
  • Videos explaining what this journey means to you.
  • Videos or regular posts talking about the coach you’re working with and how they’re helping you. 
  • Posts that include our sponsors’ products and services. Parody videos that add some comedy to the process. 
  • ​We love any fun posts that include music, dancing, lip sync, performances, etc.
  • ​Posts that encourage others to join the challenge or sign up to work with an RBT coach.
  • ​Posts showing your progress, including work out videos, meal prep, weigh-ins, etc. 
Rbt frames / templates
You must use the RBT Branded templates that we provide you with, for the check-in photos week-by-week. These templates / frames allow you to put your pictures from two angles in them. They have a spot for your DAY 1 PIC and a spot for whatever week number you are up to. 
If you don’t have access to them, you can find them on this link:

Radical transformation model

The 1st and 2nd Place Male and Female Transformation winners will be named Radical Transformation Models. They will be given special opportunities to model RBT apparel and other items. They’ll be featured in our commercials, ads and social media posts. They’ll also receive invitations to VIP events with the executive team. They’ll have a chance to continue to inspire others, long after this challenge is done. They’ll be serving on RBT’s Advisory Council, where they’ll get to weigh in on company initiatives before they launch and will be able to advise on other company efforts. There are many perks they will receive, including free RBT apparel and other opportunities.

Use these tags and hashtags

You must tag the following accounts and use these hashtags in your social media posts that have to do with the challenge:
Posting within the RBT Facebook group can be done here:
Be sure to also tag Anthony Lolli and James Hergott’s facebook profiles found here:
For Instagram please tag the following:

Also, when wearing RBT Apparel, please tag:

Here’s a list of Hashtags for you to use in your posts:


You do not require access to a gym to participate. The Challenge is open to anyone who is 18 years of age or older at the time The Challenge commences. The Challenge is subject to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations and is void where prohibited by law or regulation. Participants agree to abide by the terms of these official rules and by the decisions of Radical Body Transformations, which are final and binding on all matters pertaining to The Transformation Challenge. Radical Body Transformations reserves the right to disqualify any participant that it determines, in its sole discretion, is ineligible to participate in the Transformation Challenge.
Photos Must Be Unaltered:
Your photos and videos must be the originals and not altered in any way. Altering photos in any way, to affect the appearance of your body or doing anything to impact the outcome in a deceptive manner, will result in disqualification. 
Judging Is Final:
Your photos and videos must be the originals and not altered in any way. Altering photos in any way, to affect the appearance of your body or doing anything to impact the outcome in a deceptive manner, will result in disqualification. 
Prize winners are responsible for any applicable taxes.
Participate at your own Risk:
Each participant assumes all risk of injury, harm or loss of any kind arising from participation in the RBT Transformation Challenge. Consult with your physician or health care provider before starting any new exercise, nutrition or supplementation program, particularly if you suffer from any medical condition or regularly use prescription or over-the-counter medications. If you are not experienced with strength training, or if you are changing your exercise program, consult with a qualified medical professional. Participants in the RBT Transformation Challenge expressly release Radical Body Transformations, affiliated companies, and the directors, officers, contractors and employees of any of them from all risk, loss, injury, damage or harm that may arise from participating in the RBT Transformation Challenge. 
Submission of your online entry constitutes your express consent and permission for Radical Body Transformations to use your name and likeness, photographs, videos (in whole or in part) for promotional and advertising purposes to promote Radical Body Transformations, its business, and the RBT Transformation Challenge, in any media and in any manner whatsoever, as well as it’s vendors, sponsors, partners and other affiliated parties, without limitation or restriction, and such consent is deemed given by your entry and participation in the RBT Transformation Challenge. Submission of your completed entry shall be deemed your acceptance of these Rules and Regulations (as may be amended) and your voluntary transfer to Radical Body Transformations of all right, title, and interest, including copyright, of your photographs / videos and written responses. All information and materials submitted become the sole and exclusive property of Radical Body Transformations. Once pictures / videos are submitted as part of the competition they become the sole property of Radical Body Transformations and may not be used in another weight loss, transformation, or healthy-living competition. Submission of your completed entry shall be deemed your acceptance of all terms and conditions outlined on in the Challenge section of the website.
In photos the contestants are to stand with their arms at their sides and to include their entire body, from head to toe. Photos should be taken against a plain background. Copyrighted photos will not be accepted unless a signed release of use to Radical Body Transformations is provided.

Photos should be taken with a neutral and clean looking background and the size of the subject in the frame of the photo should remain relatively consistent throughout the contest.
Clothing to wear in photos:
This is a body transformation challenge, which means, you need to be comfortable with sharing photos of your body for the public to see. When submitting photos, it is encouraged that they show enough of the body to reveal physical changes that occur throughout the duration of the challenge. Ideally, bathing suits or similar types of outfits that visibly show the body should be worn. 
Photo positioning:
All photos must include (front, side, back and a picture of the scale depicting the contestant’s weight).
Photo guidelines and updates:
All updates about the contest will be posted in the RBT Facebook Community, including future photo and video submission guidelines and instructions:
Post Challenge Interview:
RBT will select Transformation winners in the contest from all eligible and completed entries. Finalists are subject to an interview process before any prizes are awarded. The winner must be capable of providing an honest endorsement of their own results using nutritional supplements, healthy living and exercise programs. 
Participants are not required to use any specific products to be eligible but may not use anabolic steroids or any strength-enhancing prescription drugs or medications unless prescribed by a physician to treat an existing medical condition (medication and medical condition must be noted in the written portion of your entry). 
Eligibility and Disqualification:
All participants will be required to sign an affidavit of eligibility and may be drug and/or polygraph tested. Submitting airbrushed or digitally enhanced photographs will lead to immediate disqualification. Submission answers must be honest and true and if it is determined that a participant has lied on the form this will lead to immediate disqualification.

Partner category

You can enter this challenge as a duo with a workout partner. The Partner Category will be judged as a pair, which means that if one person has a great transformation and their partner doesn’t take the challenge as seriously, it will impact how the team is judged. Each member of a team will also be judged individually, so they will still qualify for the other categories and awards.

Legacy category

The Legacy Category is where we recognize those who participate in multiple challenges throughout the year. This category is for long-term transformations.

To qualify for Legacy prizes, you must have participated in at least 2 RBT Challenges in a 12-month period.
Legacy winners will be chosen based on their overall transformation from their original start date through the end date of the annual RBT Spring challenge. At the end of the Spring Challenge, there will be a selection process undertaken that will reveal the Top 10 Legacy challengers. Three legacy challengers will be selected as winners of prizes that will be revealed at a future date.

Legacy winners are not limited to participants that win the challenges they have participated in. The criteria will be the overall transformation and additional community participation that they contributed throughout the year. Presumably, someone could have not placed in any of the challenges and still win the overall transformation Legacy category.

The 2-challenge minimum is implemented so that a participant can have a minimum of 4 to 6 months of working with a coach to transform. Legacy winners must have worked with an RBT coach for at least 2 challenges.


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