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How do I get into shape fast? How do I get fit fast? You google online to get the answers to your solution. But nothing works, huh? We are Radical Body Transformations are going to debunk some common myths about exercises. By the end of the article, you will be able to differentiate between myths and realities of exercise. Keep reading till the end to know more.

Let's take up the top 5 exercises myths one by one and debunk them. Let's dive into details.

No pain, no gain.

No pain, no gain is an age-old motivational quote. How effective is it though? Don't stress yourself to workout in pain. Whatever exercise you do, it shouldn't hurt. If it hurts, then you're doing something wrong. Check your posture, or check your position and your method.

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Muscle soreness is a sign of proper exercise. However, your body recovers within 24-48 hours. If recovery takes any longer, then you are on the wrong track. Our fitness coaches are experts who will train you for the best form and posture.

Protein powders are an excellent way to bulk up.

There are a lot of companies selling you some supplement or other. Celebrities advertise them often and make it look active. But before you buy your next refill of protein powder, ask yourself some questions. Are you taking the correct amount of intake? Taking protein above average amounts based on your diet can be harmful. If you do not know what amount is okay for you, our fitness experts can help. Just say, hi! Often, protein powders are a scam. Everything you need for a fit body should come naturally to you. Your diet is what will make or break you. Include protein-rich sources like eggs, fish, and beans in your diet. They work wonders and are rich protein sources that you can find easily in the market.

No results without an hour-long workout

Its usually said that consistency is key to success. But how effective is this when it comes to the gym? Are you overworking yourself? Understand that pushing yourself is different than forcing yourself. Your workout doesn't have to be an hour-long to see results per-say. You can opt for high-intensity training too. High-intensity training involves short-duration exercise—these last for 10 -20 minutes. Frequent rest intervals in between are necessary.
You don't even have to work out every day. Even 30 minutes of exercises spread across a week qualifies for a workout.

Crunches = slim belly

When you think of Crunches, you probably want to skip them. They are annoying, yes we agree. But can you skip them altogether? Does it shape a slim belly? Crunches affect the mid-core section of your body. They are functional abb exercises. But doing crunches alone won't get you close to your dream body. Mix it up with other abb exercises to see results. Saying that Crunches mean slim belly, is same as saying Beyonce is a mother. You know shes much more right!

Sweating a ton means you're losing weight

Sweating is a natural ventilation system for the human body. When you exercise it'sit's obvious you'll be sweating, most of the times. But does this sweating mean that you are losing weight? Let's understand. It is not necessary that sweating indicates fat burning. Your body is burning calories while exercising. The internal body temperature rises as a result. It is needed because the body is using a mechanism to cool you down, through sweating. If you workout in 20 degrees room temperature, you might not sweat as much as working out in 80 degrees. This reason is why when you work out in humid or hotter environments. You sweat a lot more. It has no direct co-relation with you shredding fat.

So, guys, these are top 5 exercising myths debunked.

Don't you feel a lot smarter now? If you knew these before, well well well, that great! But if you didn't know about these earlier, don't worry. Now you can focus on the right track. You can also reach our certified fitness trainers and rely on their expert advice. At Radical Body Fitness, we mean only the best practises that get you closer to your dream body. We will guide you through every training session and diet plan that you need to follow.

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