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Olive oil gets extracted on pressing the fruits of the olive tree. But other versions are made chemically, or they are degraded in some ways to make it cheaper. Also, there are many varieties like the refined or ‘light’ olive oils which are either treated with heat or are diluted with cheaper oils like canola or soybean. So choosing the right type is essential. 

Now, what is the best type of olive oil?

Proven results tell extra virgin olive oil is of supreme quality. This means you have to be very alert while you purchase the oil and properly check the label. The pure extra virgin olive oil is 100% natural and free from adulteration. From the natural extraction methods to the standardized purity and sensory qualities checked, it is the finest of all. The smell, phenol antioxidants, and the distinct taste are the features that make it so beneficial to consume.

If we go in deeper details, extra virgin olive oil notably shines with its rich biologically active antioxidant contents.

Each tablespoon of it contains;  14% of saturated fats, 73% of monounsaturated fats, 13% of vitamin E and 7% of vitamin K of the daily value.  

Let’s answer the folktale about the oil now, the myth about the oil. 

Is olive oil oxidatively stable?

This frequently asked question; if at all, one can cook in this oil has been there for a long time. Now that the researchers and their studies have clarified, we have good news. You can cook in extra virgin olive oil!


The oil is full of healthy fats. Research tells, oleic acid present in the oil helps protect against cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Regular oil consumption helps fight against cardiovascular diseases. Out of which, heart attacks and strokes are the most common among people these days.


The oil contains a wide variety of polyphenols believed to help prevent fats from oxidizing during high-heat cooking. These polyphenols assist with cellular signaling and play a vital role in the body’s anti-inflammatory process.

Several studies on animals and humans show that the polyphenols in olive oil reduce the oxidized LDL cholesterol.

Do you have high cholesterol levels? There are many ways using which you can check for yourself. You can start consuming extra virgin olive oil if you haven’t included it in your diet yet.


These days, the modern diet has fewer amounts of vitamin E, an essential for the body from the nutritional point of view.

Fortunately, extra virgin oil solves the purpose and is a decent source of many essential nutrients. This vitamin is present in large amounts, 72% RDA per 100 grams has significant importance in strengthening the immune system and anti-inflammatory processes.

Did you know? Vitamin E is recognized as potentially having anti-cancer properties.

This means that the oil has the same stuff, and one certainly needs to add this to their daily cooking.


The disease is the world’s most common neurodegenerative disease, which eventually leads to dementia. Guess what? The oil contains a substance that can help clear the buildup of protein tangles, known as beta-amyloid plaques in specific brain neurons.  

The bottom line is that olive oil is super healthy, having a plethora of nutritional benefits that help prevent many serious ailments. 

Ready to incorporate this superfood into your diet? Indeed, you should. And you can always take expert advice before adopting anything new for the sake of authentic opinions. Our Radical Body Transformation professional trainers will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

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