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No-shave November is an event celebrated by men all over the world during the month of November. The pact is easy – don’t shave!

But what is the point of not shaving for an entire month? – Let us explain!

The idea is to help men save money that they would usually spend on buying shaving products such as razors and shaving cream. They can then use this money to donate to charities working towards health issues in men; such as cancer.  

How to participate –

  1. Log onto the no-shave November website.
  2. Get yourself registered.
  3. Form a group/community and work together towards raising funds and/or awareness towards health aids for men.
  4. And yes….don’t shave!

(keep reading for a great surprise at the end!)

Story Behind Movember

No-shave November had been a ritual for a long time. But it became official when a family from Chicago decided to take that initiative.

In the year 2007, the Chicago-based Hill family lost a member of their clan. The Hill kids lost their father, Mr Mathew Hill, to the unfortunate colon cancer.

That’s why in 2009, the Hill members gave this activity an official recognition and founded the No-Shave November organization.

What started as a small Facebook event is now a world-wide celebrated occasion!

How To Maintain Beard Hygiene

We mustn’t forget about maintaining proper beard-hygiene during this time.

Therefore, we have gathered five simple tips that you can follow during Movember!

tips for beard hygiene v2

Don’t Shy Away From Bear Oils.

Just like our skin, our beards need moisturizing too. Beard oil does just that!

Beard oils also contain many vital vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for your beard as well as the skin under it.

Beard oils also keep your beard healthy and encourage its growth.

Shampoo & Conditioner Are Your Best Friends

Just because it grows on our chin, doesn’t mean its not hair!

Our beard hair, like the scalp, also secrete many essentials oils. If not cleaned regularly, these oils can make your beard sticky and stinky.

When we keep removing the layer of dirt over our beards, it allows the hair to secret fresh oils that helps in rejuvenation.

Trim Trim Trim!

We know, we know, shaving is not allowed. But trimming is!

To prevent the beard hair from damage, you must trim and groom it regularly.

Brushing/ Combing

Take out at least 5 minutes from your schedule to brush or comb your beard.

When we allow our beard hair to keep getting tangled, we risk a lot of damage to it. By combing or brushing it regularly, you can avoid these tangles and also promote blood flow which is very healthy for your beard! 

Regular Cleansing

Try and cleanse your beard at least once a day.

While eating or drinking something, you may unknowingly drop several crumbs in your beard. These crumbs, along with other pollutants and particles present in the air,  can form many bacterias and infections. 

These can affect not only your beard but also your skin under it. 

And now the much-awaited surprise!

Participate in our Movember challenge! The steps are simple –

  1. Take an amazing before and after Movember selfie showing the growth of your beards.
  2. Post it on your stories and tag us.

The 5 top winners with the most flawless beard transformation will get a shoutout on our page. Amazing, right?!

If you have any other fitness or diet-related queries, sign up for a free consultation at Radical Body Transformation. You can also join our Facebook Community for many more such tips and tricks! Stay Fit Fam!

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