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Are you planning to include Pilates to your exercise plans? 

That’s a great idea. You may have heard a lot about this low-impact exercise, which is gaining popularity these days. Rather it won’t be wrong to define it as the fastest growing fitness trend. 

Before jumping into Pilates exercises, you should take a quick look at some insights which might educate you more in the context.   

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is an exercise involving various bodily movements that help stabilize and strengthen your core. This way, you can enjoy more robust, more sculpted muscles and gain appreciable flexibility with the Pilates exercises. In addition to it, these exercises render a better sense of well being, and besides this, you build a correct posture. 

If you wish to benefit your health and maintain a healthy weight, then start practicing Pilates. Of course, you can mix it with cardio and other exercises, which undoubtedly offer you more benefits.   

Introduced by Joseph Pilates, Pilates Method, or Pilates is an exercise that has a holistic approach. It emphasizes more on the balanced development of the body rather than being specific. Therefore, the focus is on core strength, flexibility, and awareness, which leads to efficient and graceful movements.

The best part of Pilates exercise 

This exercise is one such exercise which is beneficial for everyone, no matter how old or young anybody is. Athletes or dancers or senior people or the women rebounding from pregnancy, or any person at any stage of physical rehabilitation can enjoy the benefits from Pilates. 

How to do Pilates?

Simply answered, a typical Pilates workout covers numerous exercises and stretches. One has to perform each exercise while keeping three things in mind: proper breathing techniques, precision and abdominal muscle control.

The exercise methods stand on the foundation of six philosophical principles, making it unique in its way; centering, control, flow, breathe, precision, and concentration. These are the essential elements for offering the best results for the human body’s overall well-being and mind connection

Start off with Pilates with some of these baby steps: 

  1. Find yourself some comfortable clothes.
  2. Find yourself a mat, or the resistance bands.
  3. Find an open, airy and spacious area to perform Pilates.

And after this, start with the breathing in and out properly along with your movements. Movements are performed on your back or your stomach or in plank position. Even one can perform Pilates while simply sitting and standing.


What do you need for a Pilates workout? 

Almost nothing! Yes, all you need to do is get a mat to do the exercises and an audio DVD. C’est tout!

Well, if you want to do it outdoors in the guidance of gym trainers or reformer classes, you can always and anytime opt-out for that!

Switching to exceptional trainers and experts will get you more guidance. This way, you can prevent mishaps or make your workout more customized with a mix and match of different types of exercise plans. It would also be best if you take care of a few things while exercising at home to avoid injuries

Okay, it’s time to choose:  Mats versus Reformers!

As we discussed above, one can do Pilates exercises at the comfort of your home or seek professional classes at professional studios. 

A reformer machine, the apparatus that comes with a moving carriage, resistance springs, foot bar, and straps can be of a steady help. It can align your body more comfortably than the freeform Pilates; on the other hand, the Pilates on mats come with advantages. 

The carpet makes alignment a bit tricky. And performing moves smoothly without resistance from the ground can prove to be hard for some people. 

Let’s take a look at some points you should keep in mind while doing Pilates at home : 

  1. Remember to start with the basics, even if you have reached an advanced level.
  2. Keep on exploring the pilates principles.
  3. Try to include the pilates workout in your daily routine.
  4. Switch from all distractions and bring your focus to breathing.  

With many Pilates studios being closed due to coronavirus. People find it better to stay at home safe, the Pilates performed over a fitness mat is the best option for them. And it is far cheaper than the former.  

Need professional aid? Our Radical Body Transformation trainers are the perfect choice to look forward to. The globally recognized masters can always guide you and provide you with all the information you might need. 

Join our Facebook Community now to begin your journey of transformation or drop a say Hi, and we will be happy to help you virtually! 

It’s Pilates time now! And don’t forget, you do not need to give up any of your workouts. The Pilates movements will make everything you are already doing more effectively!  

Let’s go!

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