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Healthy summer lifestyle recipes and cooking

Summer heat is peaking in. Beach bodies are ready, and drinks are pouring. You grab some snacks too. But uhh do not get the unhealthy ones. Store-bought meals are boring and full of preservatives. You spent months crafting that beach body, so don’t ruin the progress. By the end of this article, you get easy food tips to stay healthy in summers that you can learn in 2 minutes.

Cook healthy snacks yourself. We’ve got some interesting tips to make summer cooking easy breezy. When you cook, you establish a robust mind-body connection. We’ve discussed the hidden benefits of the mind-body connection in detail here.

So if you love food, and still want a summer body, keep reading. We have a deal breaker guide for you. 

If you are cooking healthy meals from scratch, we’ve got some tips for you. Your Radical Body Transformations fam is back with new tips and tricks. Let’s go over the guide of how to cook healthy this summer.

Batch Cooking

Summers are lazy as it is. Cut down on cooking and preparation time by batch cooking. Batch cooking means preparing the ingredients of your recipe beforehand.

Batch cooking meals like this is a healthy way of life. You will save so much time standing in the kitchen, trust us. Gone are the days when you cook for hours every day! Phew! Save some energy and time and chill out. 

Plan Ahead

Smart people always plan their meals ahead of time. Trust us, we looked it up. Mindfulness and planning are a way of a healthy life too. How to incorporate planning in cooking? We’ll tell you how.

Once you have your diet plan ready, break it down on a daily log. (If you do not have a diet plan yet, head over to and register for a free consultation from fitness experts). In simple words, you will have full control of what you cook.

Firstly, buy the ingredients that will complement the maximum meals for your plan. Secondly, meal-prep will help you navigate through the loopholes here and there. Intuitive planning will help you avoid adding unhealthy ingredients to your recipe. 

Healthy BBQs

Barbeques are deep-rooted into the American culture. We know you can’t get rid of it. But, instead of using high carb sauces for cooking, grab some alternatives. Make your sauces at home or look for low-calorie ingredients at your supermarket! You can also grow the herbs in your backyard.

Choose leaner cuts of meat. You will be surprised to know that it reduces your saturated fat intake. Also, make your own marinades that do not have truckloads of salt in it.

Grill a few vegetables while you’re at it. Skipping veggies is only for toddlers, guys!

Easy Food tips to stay healthy in summers that you can learn in 2 minutes

As promised, here are quick tips on summer food that you can learn under 2 minutes. Let’s go!

Hydrate yourself

It is vital to hydrate yourself. During the summers, you are likely to sweat more than any other time. So give your body a little something to drink every once in a while. If you are bored with plain water- for no apparent reason, it’s ok. We don’t judge. 

You can eat your water! Yes, that’s right. Eat fruits like cucumbers, watermelons, squashes, which are up to 70% water.

Just don’t be dehydrated, it’s not fun.

Ditch caffeine

Ah, the classic coffee question. Coffee can be avoided during the summers. But if you still need a caffeine kick, we have some alternatives to coffee. We believe in the brew! So here goes:

  1. Matcha Tea (not annoying as green tea).
  2. Lemon Water (good for glowing skin & weight loss).
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar shots in the morning. Again works very well to wake the body up. Apple has the same refreshing properties as coffee.

These have antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Take probiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria/yeasts that have numerous beneficial effects on the body. They help your health skyrocket. Foods like yogurts, Greek yogurts help cool you down during summers.

Increase fiber in your diet

Eat your vegetables, and do not skip fiber. Fiber is essential for your body. Summers or not, you need these to upkeep a healthy diet!

Avoid junk food. 

We understand summers can make you extra lazy. You might feel tempted to order takeout and order a recipe of disaster. But do not do that. Fight the will. The carbs you intake during the summers are prominent for longer as compared to the winters. Cook healthy alternatives at home. 

If you have cravings regardless, a tiny splurge once in two weeks won’t hurt. But try getting healthy meals that are fulfilling for you. Head over to our eBooks section to find out more!


Summers are exhausting as it is. The uncontrolled sweating shouldn’t slow you down from living your best life. Healthy cooking, even during the summers, is going to reward you in the future. To sum it up: follow a diet plan, stay hydrated, and follow meal preps. Also, try to make your own ingredients and marinades whenever possible.

If you are stuck on something and need help, reach out to us. At Radical Body Transformations, our global health experts will prepare a diet plan custom to your needs. We’ll guide you every step of the way until you have that perfect summer body! Contact us today to learn more.



    This info will help me out in quitting my unhealthy diet. Keep posting such things.

    August 25, 2020

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