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Do you ever walk down the street and pass a cafe or a restaurant with its sensual food aroma pulling you inside? It is natural to end up indulging in that freshly baked pizza, or a hot brewing coffee pours at your local barista. You grab a bite of that cheesy loaded pizza with the cheese strings falling on your plate. The food makes you swoon, and you sip some ice-cold soda. All this just for a few bucks & cheaper than buying ingredients and the hassle to cook at home. And you feel that you made a bargain of a lifetime. Sounds familiar?

There are many risks of eating out that you avoid knowing it’s your guilty pleasure. You take in a lot of calories with each bite, and with each order. 

Also, truckloads of salt in the fries and massive quantities of sugar hidden in the cola aren’t your best friends. According to studies, Americans are likely to spend on fast food other than preparing meals. Over 50% of students preferred ordering take out, and over 30% of adults would like fast food over anything else. 

A report published by Business Wire, states that regularly eating outside increases your chances of a stroke! 42% of Americans agreed to third-party delivery services instead of cooking at home. With the advent of tech, it’s now easier to order take-out than cooking at home instead.

The average American spends $1200 yearly on fast food and, as a result, over $30000 on getting fit or battling obesity. Americans spend over $50 Billion annually on fast food, and the scary numbers are on the rise as compared to the previous two decades.

Risks of eating out and why you should avoid dining out.

Guys, let’s go over the risks of eating out one by one. We’re going to uncover some real hidden dangers it has on your diet. You will probably not even notice when days turn into months, and these dangers turn into health diseases.

Unhealthy Lifestyle.

Every time you dine outside, you are inviting unhealthy life choices. Constantly pushing an unhealthy Lifestyle isn’t what fit and smart people do. Bad eating habits will decay your body’s normal functioning over time. It will result in a breeding ground for many illnesses and diseases. Due to inadequate nutrition, and obesity-related diseases, approximately 678,000 deaths each year in the U.S. alone are alarming.

You Don’t Know What You Are Eating.

You do not know how and where the ingredients come from to your dinner plate. Restaurants have a sneaky habit of serving stale food on a very delicious platter. Sometimes restaurants even serve you something which they are not claiming on the menu. Are you willing to put yourself at risk just because your plate looks appetizing?

Bad Cravings.

Restaurants have a brilliant strategy to induce cravings while you dine in. Usually, restaurants offer a complimentary sugary beverage or a salted snack as soon as you arrive as a result of this salty consumption, your thirst increases. And now you will order one more drink or food item and splurge more than you have to. 100% of women reported experiencing more food cravings than men in a study related to food-altering mood.

Energy Drain.

Do you ever feel bloated after eating just one meal? It is what restaurant dishes often do to you. They will either offer a very tiny portion of a massive part of the plate ordered. Your body now has to work more to digest the extra serving of pie you just consumed. It is natural that within a few minutes, you will experience your energy training and feel bloated and tired.

Overspending money.

When you go to a restaurant or order take out, you are overspending. Restaurants come up with many tricky menus and make it look like a bargain when it is not. According to Business Wire, the average Americans collectively spend over 5 Billion dollars on fast food than home-cooked means.

Keeping all this in mind we do understand that it’s not possible to cut off from the magical dining experience altogether. Regular restaurant dining has been a part of the American celebration party system. We know you love a reason to celebrate or have some fun munching when you hit the bar downtown. Kid’s graduation, family birthdays, anniversary dates, and some cake on a massive feast go hand in hand.We don’t expect you to be antisocial ultimately. Who’s to blame, food is life, and life is food. 

But there are ways around the hiccups.We at Radical Body Transformations, understand that and therefore we have some smart tips for you when you are dining out. This way, you can be mindful of your dietary intake and still enjoy it when you eat outside.

Read the Menu Before You Go.

You can make smart choices before you go to a restaurant. Very restaurants will have a menu in which you can go through. Many times they will also mention the calorie count. It will help you decide if the juicy Steak is worth ordering or not.

Have a Healthy Snack Before You Arrive.

Do you know that you are 40% more likely to spend than usual when you shop on a hungry stomach? The same applies when you are dining with a hungry stomach. Eat some nuts or multigrain bars before you go to a restaurant. This way, you won’t be ‘hangry’ or make uncontrolled decisions.

Skip Dessert.

Deserts are full of sugar. Skip sugar intake in your next order. Sugar doesn’t have a lot of health benefits. You can skip the ice cream sundae and go for black coffee or herbal tea instead.

Skip soda/ alcohol.

Soda and alcoholic drinks also have a lot of hidden sugars in it. Be mindful of your beverages ordered. It would be best if you just sipped on water or natural fruit juices instead of soda. 

But these are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more than this to consider when eating out.

We have an eating guide for weight loss and muscle building. It covers the extensive menu items to go for while dining in some of the most popular restaurants. You can look up what to order from TGIF, the cheesecake factory, red robin, and many more!

Check it out!!


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Be out #RBTLife Restaurant Out-To-Eat Guide

Over to you

Health is wealth. We know your life involves a lot of problems. But it is you who has to take responsibility for your health. Build your diet accordion to your lifestyle and not the opposite. 

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  • Shreya

    Oh my god… restraunts actually trick us like that? Thanks for sharing these tips. I am definitely going to implement them.

    June 24, 2020

    definetely agree with the above points, well said!

    June 25, 2020
  • Shreya

    Brilliant tips!

    June 25, 2020
  • smith jones

    well explained article with supporting stats, loved it.

    June 25, 2020
  • mathew wills

    simply amazing.

    June 25, 2020
  • Yosek

    So more than Trump and love of fast food hahahaha

    June 28, 2020

    Always ignored the above points until now, but will definitely remember now.

    June 29, 2020

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