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Never skip leg day! We've all heard that before. Let's say that umm chicken legs aren't the most desirable. So you don't skip leg days and still have chicken legs? Don't worry. Radical Body Transformations family's got your back.

How men exercise usually

The largest muscle in your body is in your legs. When men start exercising, they have a rule of thumb. It is advised to them to start working out on the most significant muscle of the body. Then they can work on the next most massive muscle and so on. There are exercises that you do to get six-pack abs, broad shoulders, and core strength. But what about your legs?

The biggest mistake you ever make is to ignore your legs in the process.

Usually, the goal is to become a fitter person. You might want to bulk up and get a muscular body. Are you unknowingly looking like a cloud with chicken legs? The term chicken legs are for a reason. And trust me, you don't want this term to describe you as a person.

So how to get rid of chicken legs?

By the end of the article, you will know just what to do. We are bringing you a list of the best ten exercises for legs. Men, do these exercises to get your leg game stronger. We'll discuss these exercises one by one. We're also adding bonus tips to get rid of chicken legs, keep reading.

Here's a list top 10 best leg exercises

Leg press

1. Select appropriate weights. Now, align your seat in such a way that your knees are bent slightly over right angles.
2. Your feet must be at least shoulder-width apart.
3. When you do leg press, you need to push using your knees. Your legs must go to a straight position.
4. Hold this position for some time. Return to your relaxed pose.

Leg extension

1. Make the best use of the leg extension machine for this exercise. Your feet must be pointing forward after you adjust the padding on your sins.
2. Grab the sidebars. You have to use your heart strength to make movements. Extend your legs to your front. Your feet will be parallel to the ground.
3. Hold this position for some time. Now slowly return to a relaxed position.

Leg curl

1. Use a bench. Lay on the bench by facing the ground.
2. This time the pad machine should be on the lower calf muscle area.
3. Grab handles again. Bend your legs in such a way that pads start touching the back of your legs.
4. Slowly return to your relaxed position.

Hit the stairs

1. Find stairs and stand in front of the lowest step.
2. In a jogging motion, climb one stair with one foot. Step back and do the same with the other foot.
3. Gain rhythm and alternate with both legs.


1. Stand on a flat surface. Keep your feet apart, probably more extensive than hips.
2. Look straight ahead and fix the spot to set your gaze. Do not look down on the floor or ceiling at any cost.
3. Squat using your knees and bring your hips backward. Your hips must go lower than your knees.
4. In a relaxed manner, return to your normal position.


1. In the relaxed position, the feet must be wide apart. At 45 degree angles, point your toes.
2. Squat by bending the knees and hips. Do this as if you are sitting back. You must face outwards. Try to stoop as low as possible until your thighs, and the ground are parallel.
3. Slowly return to your standing position.


1. On your upper back, place a bar. Keep the feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Do squats as you'd typically do. Push your knees to the sides. Lower the hips backward.
3. The hips must go lower than your knees.
4. Return to your relaxed position slowly.
5. You can also use weights instead of barbells.


1. Stand in a straight posture. Keep your shoulders back. Make use of your core strength while performing lunges.
2. Step forward with the leg. Ensure that your knees are at a 90-degree angle while stepping forward. Your knees should not bend further from above your ankles.
3. Ensure that your other knee doesn't touch the ground.

Calf raises

1. You can use dumbbells if you like. You can also use a chair for stability. Stand on a flat surface.
2. Lift your body using the balls of your feet. Raise your body upwards, and engage your cores and squeeze your calves.
3. Hold the position for almost 2 seconds. Now slowly return to the original relaxed position.

Box jumps

1. Get a box first things first. Stand in front of your box with feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Bend in a squat position and aim to land on the box with a jump.
3. Keep your hands swayed backward.
4. Your feet must lay flat on the box while landing. The knees should bend a little but not too much.
5. Jump to return to your origin position.

Tips for training calves and getting rid of chicken legs:

1. Train calf muscles often and regularly.
2. Switch between lower reps and higher weights. Alternatively, do workouts with increased reps and lower weights in the routine.
3. Raise your heels like a WWE championship belt. Try to hold this position for a bit, before you come to relax posture.
4. Stretching and warming up is not optional. Do these to improve your performance. It also decreases your chances of muscle soreness.
5. See what exercise works best for you. Experiment with different activities until you find what works.
6. Calves are functional muscles. It would be best if you put in the effort to grow them. Mix things up, and you'll see results soon enough.

Don't you feel a lot smarter now? If you knew these before, well well well, that great! But if you didn't know about these earlier, don't worry. Now you can focus on the right track. You can also reach our certified fitness trainers and rely on their expert advice.

At Radical Body Transformations, we keep your personalized needs in check.

Our certified trainers and fitness coaches can help you achieve your goals. We’ll work with you step by step along your fitness journey. 

Just drop us a message and say hi! We’ll take it from there.



    Got a clear head’s up regarding what to do , simple yet doable exercises , loved it.

    June 25, 2020
  • smith jones

    very well explained article , gonna follow this from now on.

    June 25, 2020
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    good one.

    June 25, 2020

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