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Originating from a town named Gibsons from the Sunshine Coast, Mikayla is the Radical Body Transformation coach who found her passion for fitness and training at a very young age.

She has always been the athletic, out-going kid. She started riding horses at just 9 months old! This love for equestrian riding and competing influenced an internal drive to be the very best in her field. Because of this passion, she competed in many competitions. To increase her strength and endurance, her mother signed her up for fitness training by hiring a trainer. It was that very training that ignited her love and passion for fitness and exercise.

 At 17, she stepped on stage in a fitness competition for the first time and haven’t looked back since! What began as a tool to facilitate her athletic performance has turned into a thriving career. Mikayla prides herself on helping others improve their health with weight-loss, physical longevity, and athletic performance along with the RBT team.

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With a smile on her face and energy in her eyes, Mikalya is living the fitness dreams of many. She knows that when it comes to fitness and health, there are no shortcuts. She understands the power of a good training session. She found her love and passion for health and fitness at a very young age and now with the help of the Radical Body Transformations team, she wants her clients to find it as well. With her immense knowledge of weight-loss, physical longevity, and athletic performance, Mikayla also participates in (and wins) many fitness competitions.

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RBT aims to​ reach out to a vast majority of people and transform their lives for good, by making them believe how convenient it can get to stay healthy and move together as a fit community, once you initiate putting an effort. And we have already helped many to achieve their fitness goals.

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