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Humans have a clever flair and forte to endeavor and thrive for an enhanced variant of themselves. Clinging onto the comforts of life, we are consciously sceptical and nescient about our potentials, but standing right in the centre of the continuum desists any progress further. We are sometimes bewildered about our existing versatility lying beneath the thick qualms of ourselves. Speaking of the body image, if you’re not confident about the way you look, the wound to your self esteem can be in the very tenderest spot of your nature and your mind, but don’t be afraid to soothe it!

It’s difficult for people to sometimes accept themselves the way they are, be it tall, short, slim or fat. And if it acts like a barrier to you then you should give it all in to bring in the change you want that “badly”! It’s just the tinge of self motivation that gets you to kickstart the entire process. Your brain can act like a tonic as it’s the median of vehemence, sometimes favouring disruption. Nonetheless, you have enough energy and vigour to break the chains abstaining you to relish and savour the glees of life.

There are many reasons to lose motivation with time:-

  • Being bored with your daily routine
  • Feeling like you can’t make a difference
  • Not being satisfied with what you’ve done and what you look like
  • Feeling stressed about what you’re doing in life
  • Comparing yourself to others
  • Lacking purpose 
  • Setting unrealistic targets
  • Trying to please others for acceptance

There are several factors that can affect your efforts to lose weight and get into the desired shape. These include making changes to your diet, exercise and lifestyle. Losing weight is essential to improve your mental and physical health. Such changes can reduce the risks of certain conditions like heart disease and diabetes, can lower your increased blood pressure and total cholesterol level and can also relieve symptoms and prevent injuries related to being overweight. You can get a good workout in the comfort of your own home, even if you don’t have a dedicated workout space or fancy machines.

Ways to stay motivated for the regular workouts:-

  • Invest in your best workout gears
  • Get in online workout contests
  • Make buddies with  class regulars if you’re doing an online weight loss course
  • Find out your reasons for exercising regularly 
  • Reward yourself after completing targets 
  • Make the whole process simple and fun

It shouldn’t be about fitting in the notion of losing weight in order to look desirable to get accepted in the society as someone who is “attractive”, but to prevent yourself from getting diseases that are naturally related to obesity.

Resurrecting from the miseries of the outer appearance and giving a boost to your mental health is what we’re pertaining to. A pragmatic approach that consists of dealing with things sensibly and realistically, taking into account the buoyant, cheerful and motivating talks practically can do wonders! Dive into the pool of self regard and ‘drink’ self appreciation…..Haha! Well don’t drink it, just suck up the optimism floating all over the place. 

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