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The Moderna vaccine for the CoronaVirus, COVID 19, or global pandemic! The list of names is long for this mayhem. Remember, when the first case made headlines in China? The world was watching. Within a month, it quickly spread across the globe like wildfire. The turn of events following this set the tone of urgency. The urgency to save the world economy from collapsing. And lastly, to save a life. After all, thousands of lives are at stake of catching an infection. Summers and coronavirus will be a challenge for sure. People complain about sweating inside the mask. Still, the world is waiting for a cure. Scientists and research teams are also investing their life to develop the treatment. After countless trials, Moderna announced its vaccine to be effective. CEO Stéphane Bancel hence showed the world some hope again. At Radical Body Transformations, our members are our greatest treasures. We want to ensure that everyone lives a healthy life. Hence, we are sharing the updates on the Moderna vaccine.

What is the Moderna vaccine?

Moderna company is racing against time to make a cure. In July, finally, it has rolled out its interim results. In their interim results, they indicated a successful trial of the vaccine. Now the Moderna vaccine has garnered the attention of millions. However, the common man ponders if going vegetarian worlds to fight COVID 19.

What is the cost of the coronavirus Moderma vaccine?

The coronavirus vaccine by Moderna has a fluctuating cost. In a surprising turn of events, Moderna doubled the price of shares. In simple words, expect the COVID 19 vaccine's cost to burn a hole in the pocket. However, experts suggest otherwise. Competitors in the pharmaceutical sector may develop a cost-effective vaccine.

When will the supply of the COVID 19 vaccine begin?

Moderna vaccine is still in its trial phases. The claim of an initial successful trail is next to a drop of water in an ocean. However, the succeeding trials in phases are going on. Moderna is expecting the coronavirus gene from Chinese governments and is in transit.

What to deal with coronavirus when the lockdown ends?

We spent months locked inside the same four walls for a long time. Although the pandemic has not vanished from the roots, we are slowly entering our post-corona lifestyle.  With the economy opening phase by phase, here are some ways you can make the most of your new normal. The enemy still lives outside. But let’s see some ways to be safe when we decide to go out. We’ve taken the topic in detail here.


It is best to practice safety measures. You must wash your hands for at least 20 seconds every hour. Also, do wear a mask when you step outside. It protects you and other community members from possibly catching an infection. The Radical Body Transformations team is with you in this difficult time. We are trying to make life easy. We are here to ensure that you live a healthy life. You can check out hundreds of free resources in our video library. We also have guided exercise sessions. If you are stuck somewhere, our fitness experts are here for you. Just say hello, and we'll take it from there.

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