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Monique Cormier

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Monique Cormier has always been driven by competition – as a high school track star, she had a passion for physical activity. As she entered into her adult life, she switched the track field for the gym and began to thrive.

However, things took a turn for Monique once she got pregnant. She was diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy placenta praevia and gained 87 pounds. She became depressed and focused her entire energy on her son, dislodging her identity as a fit, active woman. Her father was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 52 and watching him suffer reminded her that health is the most important thing; and only with good health can you be the best version of yourself. This motivated her to get back in the gym.

Monique began her fitness journey, qualifying as a personal trainer and entering into the world of bodybuilding. She lost more than 100 lbs, rediscovered her identity and was finally truly happy again.

Her mission was clear: to help other people live a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off forever. She specializes in sport-specific programs, weight management programs and functional conditioning, focusing on exercising safely and effectively. As well as being a successful celebrity trainer she is also the health, fitness and lifestyle specialist here at Radical Body Transformations.

Aside from her role in Radical Body Transformations, Monique is the founder of MOCO Fitness, created to help share the power of exercise and nutrition. Her core belief is that exercise is just the gateway to greater things: by committing to working out, you transform your mental state, your habitual behavior and what you give your energy to.

By nature, Monique is enthusiastic and compassionate, which has brought her notable success as a trainer, being able to relate to her clients based on her own personal experience. She is a proud mother of two boys, a competitive bodybuilder and fitness model.

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