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Nicola Keating is an online transformation specialist at Radical Body Transformations, who lives in Ireland.

After studying biomedicine and nutrition, she wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry but wasn’t sure which path to take. Upon meeting her fiancé Mike, the head coach at Radical Body Transformations, she began to put her academic experience into use.

She began to experience first-hand how nutrition and fitness can transform someone’s mind and body, helping them to become physically and mentally healthier and happier than ever before. This motivated her to partner with him in his global body transformation business.

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Nicola is passionate, determined and focused and will stop at nothing to spread the beliefs that underpin her coaching style. She truly believes that committing yourself to health and fitness goals can build mental and emotional confidence, which will improve your quality of life and bring you deep happiness and self-fulfillment.

This is why she is relentless as a coach, motivating her clients through constant communication, inspiring them to keep pushing even when it gets difficult.

To Nicola, a healthy lifestyle means feeling good in your own skin and waking up everyday feeling positive and grateful. She believes that is the most important feeling you can achieve, and it’s possible for everyone, as long as they have the right mindset and tools to get started.

Aside from fitness, Nicola enjoys spending time with her fiancé, reading and walking her two dogs.

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RBT aims to​ reach out to a vast majority of people and transform their lives for good, by making them believe how convenient it can get to stay healthy and move together as a fit community, once you initiate putting an effort. And we have already helped many to achieve their fitness goals.

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