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Let me guess…

You are desperately trying to get fit.

Due to the lockdown, you can’t go to the gym, really.

So you go online to check how to work out online.

Every article you read tells you the same boring stuff. If you think that we are going to tell you the same or boring tips, let us surprise you.

The world in your pocket

You and I live in an era of Technology. Technology is everything to us today. We can do almost every possible thing virtually now. For example, we don't need to go to the bank anymore to transfer funds. With the ongoing novel coronavirus, being virtually connected is a blessing. There are so many things one can do online now. We are going to talk about virtual training today. Virtual gym training offers a whole new world of experiences. So one would ask what virtual training is? We are going to answer some of these questions today:

  1. What is virtual training?    
  2. Why do virtual training
  3. What are the benefits of virtual training? The real secret.
  4. Where can I do virtual training?

Let's understand the power of virtual training.

Keep reading until the end.

What is virtual training?

Virtual training is an amalgam of tech and fitness. These are no different than workouts at the gym. Plus, you do these workouts from the comforts of your home gym, living room, or garden. Having one-on-one interaction with the professional trainer is motivating, no cap.

You can do virtual training when you want to. You create your schedule and pace.

Research by the University of Michigan says that individuals working out virtually online, have higher performance than those who don’t. It means that when you work out online, you’re raising the standards higher at your speed.

What is virtual training?

With the help of online training, you can connect to expert trainers and mentors from across the globe. You don't have to limit yourself to geographical boundaries. The world is your playground. Remember this phrase? it's very real for online workouts. You may or may not require exercise equipment, depending on the exercises you select. You might have a hectic schedule, or maybe you're a couch potato. You like to train when you want to. Then, online training sessions are an on-demand service that you can benefit from significantly.

What are the benefits of virtual training? The real secret.

Now you have an idea of what virtual training is. Let's look at the advantages of choosing it over regular gym training.

Replicate the Training Environment

You can do online gym sessions anywhere with anyone. You can plan these sessions. You can also go with the flow. You can start on-demand training sessions as quickly as now.

Connect with expert trainers globally

There are millions of expert trainers worldwide who were ready to coach you. It means that you can select the certified coach of your liking. There are high-caliber trainers to walk you through your workout routine.

Special workout routines

Online training specially designed, keeping in mind that you might not be at the gym. There is a higher chance that is training will require minimal or no fitness equipment.

Personal cheer squad

You are a part of an online community that always supports you and motivates you. Social life is the core of human existence. Being a part of a community brings a lot of advantages, just like the ones we mentioned. You get an online cheer squad that's always rooting for you. Talk about fame amirite.

Better performance

Audio-visual responses enable you to learn faster. Online virtual training might contain special music. These are crafted according to the exercise. It would trigger your brain to learn quicker & perform better. The brain reacts to these responses, increasing productivity, and thereby your health increases,

Where can I do virtual training?

Coaches often conduct online gym sessions over Skype or a channel that suits you like WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, etc. We, at movie Radical Body Transformations, have special virtual training sessions for you. We have on-demand online coachings. We also offer free courses for our members every week.

With Radical Body Transformations

On our website, you have access to hundreds of Pre-recorded training tutorials. You can watch them train with our certified fitness experts. You get the ultimate golden platter of benefits when you choose to be a Radical Body Transformations Member. You get every advantage that we mentioned so far. We also have personalised diet plans, training sheets, and more that you can download. These are going to help you track your fitness journey.

Get started with your new fit life now. Take a peek at now!

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