About The Documentary

Having been obese all his entire life, real estate mogul, and multi-millionaire, Anthony Lolli has accepted his greatest challenge to date. Follow this inspiring journey as he sheds 125lbs in only 9 months, leading to a fitness competition where he shows the world that nothing is unachievable. Through blood, sweat, and tears, From Fat Lolli to 6 Pack Lolli is genuinely the ultimate transformation story.

About RBT

Radical Body Transformations is the first choice of people who want to craft their healthy body naturally. Our trainers and health experts embody the spirit of transformation and motivation into all the granular details from nutritional plans to a fitness regime, that helps anyone get closer to their dream body and #BeFit.

From fat lolli
to 6 pack lolli

The Visionaries

Our Visionaries have given the world what is now known as Radical Body Transformations. They’ve seen and done it all and contributed to the success of thousands of fitness stories, inspiring from their own stories. On the face of the earth, these successful executive producers are set to show the world that every dream can be turned into reality, and everyone can #BeFit.

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Connect with us


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