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Hello, Radical Body Transformations family! What do you call a tired pea? “Sleepea” haha. Yeah, we know jokes about sleep are just meh. But what if you start feeling a pea-like protrusion inside your nasal track when you sleep? Should you be worried? What is this sleep problem called? And how do you get rid of it? Let us discuss today.

What is Sleep Apnea?

We’re talking about sleep apnea today. Sleep apnea is a severe condition that affects millions worldwide and millions in America alone. Sleep apnea is a nasal construction problem. It is responsible for many sleepless nights. If you feel tired when you wake up despite proper sleep, you could be at risk of sleep apnea.

According to the Mayo clinic:

“Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. If you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night’s sleep, you might have sleep apnea. The obstructive sleep apnea, is the more common form that occurs when throat muscles relax”.

Types of sleep apnea:

  1. Obstructive sleep apnea. In obstructive sleep apnea, people observe sudden breathing pauses. These pauses last for a few seconds.
  2. Central sleep apnea. It is the most common form of the problem. Here, the respiratory tract receives limited or no airflow. This restriction lasts for a short burst of seconds.

What are the hidden problematic reasons that cause sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is not a one-day development. Many factors are behind the scenes. You might surprisingly not even notice when these bad habits become a nightmare. What are the reasons behind this problem? Let’s learn.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol has been a part of American culture dating back centuries. A cold beer with the homies or by yourself might sound harmless. But is it safe? You might want to think again.

Alcohol is the root of many evils. Alcohol use has both long-term and short-term effects. It’s common for alcohol users to snore. The reason behind this, you ask? -simple. Alcohol causes muscles to relax. Hence, throat muscles get relaxed to the extent of being an obstacle in the airway. Guys, just skip the drinks we’ll recommend.


Ignoring medical problems

Sleep apnea is a backbone to critical illnesses. If you have heart problems per se, you might be prone to sleep apnea.

Spoiler alert! The reverse is also true. If you have sleep apnea, you may experience heart diseases. It’s a sad two-way route,we know. Let’s understand a few more factors.

ignoring medical problems

Not controlling weight

Being overweight is an American problem, as the media will tell you. But, Americans are rising to fight obesity. Why? Because lazy and obese body struggles more than others. A large neck size can obstruct the airway.

Obese people are at a higher risk than others when it comes to significant diseases. Studies have found a majority of people with sleep apnea to be overweight.

over eating

Smoking cigarettes

Ah, the “good old cigarettes.” They’re not so good we tell you. The devil rolled in a 5 cm stick. You blow some air in and out, and you think it causes no harm. Well, your throat is burning, and your body is deprived of oxygen! So how much do you hate yourself on a scale of 1 to death? By smoking, you are inviting death. It’s the sleep apnea that’s an indicator one of your many death wishes coming true. 

Talk about restricting the airway. Geez. Smoking was and never will be cool. Try to live a little without the cigarettes hanging from your mouth. Also, it causes wrinkles. Do you want those fine lines so early? We guess nope.


Not getting enough sleep.

When you smoke or drink so much, you get temporary relief. Karen’s be-wilding that “it’s my body, my rules!”. But do not be that, Karen! Get some sleep. The world can wait.

Your body needs to refresh in sleep. Also, this is the only window your body gets to unwind and relax. Don’t be so selfish. Sleep for 8 hours, at least! Otherwise, sleep apnea is going to keep you up all night anyway.


Why treating sleep apnea is essential?

Treating any disease is important, let alone sleep apnea. If you want to live a little longer, and healthier, get some treatments! If you do not get it treated, we’ll show you what will happen. 

First, you will experience mild pain. Might as well experience some heart problems knocking on your door. Slowly, your respiratory system starts collapsing. The next thing you know, you are sleep-deprived and more annoying to your coworkers than you should be. If you don’t work, well umm, you’ll still be irritated, but with yourself. 

The worst thing that will happen is that you choke in your sleep and die!

Woah, do you want that to be the reason for your death? That’s very Carrie Fisher of you. And, you don’t even have a rich Star Wars history of being celebrated, huh. 

Over to you

So we just don’t want to throw you under the bus. We are going to help you too. Here’s what you can do. Get your life together, and see what problems you are experiencing. Evaluate what needs addressing and see a doctor. Start working out! Do not be a regular anybody. Get fit, and show the world you want it bad!

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