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Body fat and its distribution in your body says a lot about your health. What is body fat, and why should you care? We are answering many questions on body fat and bust some myths. We are going to also reveal how the body fat distribution pattern affects you. Do you know body fat distributions say a lot about you! Want to know more about this secret body fat? Keep reading.

Body fat distribution: What is it?

Body fat is what makes the ``extra something`` on your muscles.
Body fat distribution is all over your body. From your thighs, abdomen to your arms, there are many places where the fat is distributed in the body. This distribution is also affected by gender, age groups, and hormone levels.

Body fat distribution area in the body.

These are the areas on a generic categorisation where the body fat distribution ends up going:

  1. Lower Body Fat.
  2. Lower Body Fat, Including Lower Legs.
  3. Full Upper Body Fat.
  4. Large Stomach With Upper Back Fat.
  5. Lower Abdomen Fat

Why should you care about body fat distribution?

The body, according to your age & gender, changes. There is an ideal fat distribution for every stage. It is important to notice where the fat ends up showing. It is hard to watch and actually tell where body fat might end up going with every meal. However, if you target distinct muscles or weight loss targets, you must study where your body fat is getting spread. Uneven body fat distribution is not acceptable unless you are Thor from Avengers End Game.

What are the types of body fats?

There are three broad fat types that are independent. They are distributed all over the body.

  1. Subcutaneous body fat type: This body fat is majorly concentrated around the butt, hips, and thighs. This is the most significant fat markup in your body that goes up to 90 percent of total body fat.
  2. Visceral body fat type: This body fat is stored around abs. You can really touch and feel this body fat. Significant growth of Visceral body fat will lead you towards health disorders. We will explain that later in this study.
  3. Brown body fat type: This body fat is in and around the shoulder and chest. Newborn babies often have a lot of brown body fat type.

Dangers of the Visceral fat.

We stated that visceral body fat has significant health risks. What are the dangers of visceral fat? Let us learn. It is stored around the body organs like the liver. The liver has many roles vital to the body's normal functioning. Imagine something as trivial as fat clogging the organ? What a shame. It can clog arteries and affect the regular flow in the bloodstream. And you already know the picture we're painting. It will lead to apparent damages and can cause death. But yeah, we have a solution to the problem too. At Radical Body Transformations, we don't just give you the problem, we also give you the cure. We'll come back to the cure in some time.

Visceral fat is dependent on your lifestyle.

You might have heard that you are what you eat. So guys, don't be fast, quick, or secure. Fast food and bad diet is doing you more harm than good *add link to dining out is harmful here*. Of course, you can get the fanciest gym membership, but if you can't control your food cravings outside the gym, all the efforts will end up being a waste of time and energy. What you eat daily will frame the health of your future. By switching to a healthier lifestyle and a proper diet, you can avoid up to 70% of damages caused by excess visceral fat storage.

The BMI alone can't predict if you are healthy.

We all have seen a fuss over the BMI (Body Mass Index). It's somewhat okay for not being on the perfect BMI. We'll tell you why. Your health cant be judged alone with the help of a number! Surely it is a metric deployed to indicate what is the current status and what are the areas of improvement. But look at it from the fish lens view, and you'll know they're a lot more to your well being. The sleep pattern, your emotional well being, and your hold of reality also indicated how healthy you are. The BMI can only indicate where your body fat lies in the ``healthy body scale``.

Here's how to minimise health risks from visceral fat buildup as promised:

1. Ditch junk food. 

We just told you that junk food is your worst enemy. So why do yourself harm for a few seconds of “oooh aaah cheese feels good”.

 2. Move around.

“Are you still watching?” is what Netflix asks you from time to time! Why? Because sitting in one place for very long is a no-no for your health.

3. Curb your stress.

Aah stress. Mental wellbeing shows on your face. Image looking your best but not feeling the best? Ladies and gents, a frowny face, is not the most attractive accessory to the sport. Live a little, laugh a little more. Get help if needed.

4. Exercise.

So move around. Go sweat it out. If you can sweat it out, then try breathing exercises. Do something, don’t just be a pretty doll sitting on the vanity cabinet.

5. Avoid excess sugars.

Eating healthy is important, guys. Sugars are harmful to the insulin hormone. Also, do you know sugars induce early onset of fine lines and wrinkles, geez. Skip.

6. Get good sleep.

After a tiring day, or not, get some sleep, will you? That late-night DM can wait for tomorrow, or that day’s work can be done tomorrow. Don’t stress yourself so much. Life is so short. Sleep so that the body can refresh itself and absorb the nutrients you had in your dietary intake.

Over to you

Don't you feel a lot smarter now? If you knew these before, well well well, that great! But if you didn't know about these earlier, don't worry. Now you can focus on the right track. You can also reach our certified fitness trainers and rely on their expert advice. Afterall, life is better when you are fitter.

At Radical Body Fitness, we mean only the best practises that get you closer to your dream body. We will guide you through every training session and diet plan that you need to follow.

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    I always thought that I was unhealthy and because I was fat, but now after reading the blog now I realized that I am not having unhealthy fat.

    June 29, 2020

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