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The COVID-19 pandemic came in like a storm. Countless people all over the world took the toll. Due to the contagious disease, the immunity of the body drops to an all-time low. The disease affects the respiratory system and weakens the body. In the worst-case scenario, deaths are inevitable. 

There is a new struggle on strengthening immunity! Today, we are mentioning some tips which can help you. Keep in mind that following these tips alone won’t cure the corona virus disease. However, we can do our tiny bit to be on the safer side.

Top Tips to Enhance Your Immunity

To increase immunity, you need to nourish your body and soul. Let’s go over the best ways to keep immunity levels high. One by one, we will understand why these tips work for the greater good.

Keep activity levels high

exercise right

Physical activity, exercising, is a way to increase immunity. Regular exercise helps the body revamp antibodies and T-cells production. It, in turn, helps to improve immunity levels. You can exercise at home too!

When you sweat, certain toxins release from the body. Thereby metabolism improves and decreases stress levels. Adrenaline and cortisol are stress hormone levels that come into play.

If you are a beginner at exercising, start slow. You can also set goals for yourself. It helps to keep you motivated. Also, try instructor-led workouts from youtube. That is free, and you don’t spend a single penny! We have hundreds of videos at our Youtube channel.

Eat right

eat right

”You are what you eat.”

It is a famous saying for all the right reasons. Your dietary intake has a direct impact on your well being. The nutrients absorbed help the body carry out vital everyday functions.

The easiest way to increase resistance is by careful eating. Eat to power your immunity. There are a plethora of foods for this, regardless of the diet, you follow.

The goal is to support the microbiome. A healthy balanced diet will enhance the gut functions. Include more veggies and whole- grains in your diet. Opt for natural and quality produce that has a negligible trace of chemicals. In this manner, the circulating immune cells, called T-cells, will benefit. 

It would be best if you eat home-cooked meals. Not only it helps you control your diet; there’s more to it. It helps manage the ingredients you want to incorporate.

Sleep deep

proper sleep

The biggest mistake you will ever make is not to sleep well. We know it doesn’t sound fascinating. But trust us when we say that sleep patterns affect your mind and brain. The body relaxes and revives itself during sleep. In simpler words, the body is fixating and fine-tuning itself in sleep. 

When you sleep less, you strip the chances away from the body to recover at night. The meals you ate and the nutrients might not get adequately absorbed in the body. So sleep at least 8-10 hours daily. 

Power naps also are known to help. However, they can’t make up for a sleepless night.

Good hygiene practices


Good hygiene practices will shield you against many diseases. Take the time to use the soap properly. Also, trim your nails, and clean the nail beds.

Remember, guys, 60% of first impressions of a person are observing their nails. Dirty nails mean dirty habits. Ew.

Ensure that you are an embodiment of cleanliness and hygiene. Lastly, wash your hands for at least 30 seconds every few hours. You can also use a sanitizer as a last resort.

Nourish the mind


Apart from physical fitness, mental fitness matters too. Train your mind with challenges and puzzles. Read books, learn new skills; it helps train the brain. Engagement in some activity that requires focus will help you fine-tune the mind.

Other than that, you can also try meditation and yoga. Not only are these excellent stress relievers, but they also relax you. It will help you channelize your subconscious and involuntary functions of the body.

Soak in some vitamin D

vitamin D

Sunlight is sustaining many life forms on the earth, including human life. The sunrays activate vitamin D in the body. It hence increases your immunity level. Also, it brings cheer into the mind subconsciously. Sunlight also kills germs and some form of bacteria.

You will be surprised to know that vitamin D helps calcium absorption in the body

However, the theory of sunlight killing coronavirus is not yet a proven fact. But, some under the sun time near the window, or the garden will boost immunity.

Over to you!

The tips we mentioned are some ways to boost immunity. However, we understand that basics are sometimes the first ones forgotten. Start exercising and eating healthy if you are not doing that yet. The Radical Body Transformations platform can help you be a better version of yourself. Browse from many free ebooks, recipes, and instructor-led tutorials for more details


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