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Tips to Keep Your Cholesterol in Check

In America, 6 out of 10 people suffer from uncontrolled and high cholesterol problems. In the worst case, people might be at risk of severe heart diseases. Obese people have it worse unknowingly. 

Radical Body Transformation family is proactive when it comes to a healthy life. Cholesterol is a leading cause of millions of deaths in America alone. We are going to fight this strange yet straightforward illness. And, we’ll look at some tips to keep cholesterol levels in check. Read until the end of the guide. Let’s get started.

What is Cholesterol?

By definition, “Cholesterol is a waxy, fat-like substance found in all the cells in your body.” The body is responsible for making hormones, vitamin D, and food digestion aiding substances. Cholesterol is in the body for this very reason. It helps the body functions do well.

Why is High Cholesterol Dangerous?

Cholesterol is present in foods like cheese, oil, meat, and so on. Excess of anything is dangerous, and that applies to cholesterol as well. A high cholesterol level in the blood can be problematic. It produces plaque in blood vessels more than needed. The plaque, in turn, sticks to the arteries’ walls. Hence, this leads to coronary artery diseases in both men and women.

In the worst cases, it can block the arteries entirely. Many young men suffer from heart attacks. We’ve covered this topic before, and you read more here. Not just men, women have a fair share of heart diseases too. Many times these go unnoticed.

What causes high cholesterol?

High cholesterol is not a one-day treatment. The following induces high levels which you should know:

Unhealthy eating habits 

If you are always eating out and getting junk food, you are damaging your health. No joke, it is true. Dining out and food deliveries are more harmful than good.

Lack of physical activity

You need to burn the extra fat stored in the body. Else you are inviting a lot of problems.


You don’t have control over what you inherit. But you can surely work your way towards a healthy life.

How is high cholesterol diagnosed?

There are no warning signs or symptoms of high cholesterol. Only a blood test can diagnose the cholesterol level. Age, risk factors, and family history play a key role in determining the cholesterol levels for blood.

Tips to Keep Your Cholesterol in Check

As we have learned so far, an imbalanced cholesterol level can be fatal for our health. You might be naturally wondering how to minimize the risk. No need to think no more, we are bringing you the solutions. Applying these tips in your daily life can keep the diseases at bay. After all, you know Mr. Anthony Lolli says, “Life is better when you are fitter.” Here are the tips to keep your cholesterol in check:

Focus on fats

Avoid foods high in saturated fats. These are especially bad for LDL levels. Opt for healthier unsaturated fat foods. In simple words, meat consumption in barbeque parties needs to go down. Focus on healthy alternatives if you can.

Choose whole grains

Eat fiber-rich foods and loaves of bread. Multigrain loaves of bread are especially useful for health. If you wish to have pasts, try olive oil dressings instead of cheese sides and dressings.

Make other healthy choices

Your health is in your hands. Today your body is made up of everything you ever ate in your entire life. Add more greens and fruits to your diet if you haven’t already. If you struggle with veggies, try juices and blends.

Take medication if you need to

When the cure goes out of hand, you must see a doctor. A profession will prescribe you medication that can help in the long run.

Eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids 

Omega-3 fatty acids have many heart-healthy benefits. Keeping blood pressure in check is possible with these superfoods. Salmon, mackerel, herring, walnuts, and flaxseeds are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Increase soluble fiber 

By increasing soluble fiber, you can keep cholesterol under control. Sprouts, apples are functional foods and should be in your diet for this very reason.

Quit smoking

Smoking is affecting your overall health and not just cholesterol levels. It would be best if you give up smoking entirely.

Lose weight

Weight loss is a powerful way to achieve balanced cholesterol levels. Sweat it out and do some exercising regularly. 

Over to you

Health is wealth. We know your life involves a lot of problems. But it is you who has to take responsibility for your health. Build your diet accordion to your lifestyle and not the opposite. At Radical Body Fitness, we mean only the best practices that get you closer to your dream body. We will guide you through every training session and diet plan that you need to follow.

Our very own Anthony Lolli, or as fans call him 6 pack Lolli, benefited and worked with the guide. Here’s your chance to glow up like him. Watch his special documentary on Amazon Prime and see how he made the best of what he had with little or no investments.


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