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Adrian Maldonando

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Adrian Maldonado is a native of Brooklyn, New York and currently works as a coach at Radical Body Transformations and has an extensive background in sports and fitness.

Adrian initially had dreams of playing professional football, but after receiving multiple injuries, he had to face the reality that it wasn’t going to happen. So he decided to channel his drive in another direction. He decided to become a coach, putting his years of experience in sports to good use.

After getting certified as a personal trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), he began his career as a trainer at a slew of the most elite gyms in New York, including Equinox. During this time, he also underwent training to become a metabolic conditioning specialist and performance enhancement specialist.

Adrian found great success as a personal trainer, but had his heights set higher than corporate gyms. He left his job and began working as an independent trainer.

Characterized by his unique emphasis on mindset training, Adrian has attracted clientele from across America. He doesn’t believe in quick fixes or basic workout plans, he tailors each experience for each client he works with, helping them to question their limiting beliefs and detrimental habits, prompting deep behavioral and psychological change, which ultimately allows them to achieve their fitness goals and live a healthier, happier life.

To Adrian, helping others see their potential and achieve their goals is the motivation that drives him each day. He thanks fitness for his own personal development and believes it to be his responsibility to share all that he has learnt with as many people as possible.

Aside from fitness, Adrian is passionate about music and has recently got into music production. While at Radical Body Transformation, Adrian hopes he can help others discover what it means to be truly healthy: mentally, spiritually, financially and of course – physically.

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