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Edwin Pena

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Edwin Peña is a Brooklyn native who now lives in Connecticut and works as a trainer at Radical Body Transformations.

Edwin has always been involved in fitness and since qualifying as a trainer, has trained clients in the most well-known, popular gyms in the US, run a baseball camp and trained youth fitness.

To Edwin, being able to do what he loved each day inspired him to keep working hard to develop his career within the fitness industry. His love for fitness allowed him to excel in the industry, but his passion to help people allowed him to connect with people’s struggles, build a bond resulting in a lifelong clientele and of course – achieve real results for everyone he has trained.

Edwin believes that fitness isn’t a quick fix, it’s a daily decision towards a healthier lifestyle. This consistency has allowed Edwin to maintain an elite physique over the years, and has even won him his pro card in bodybuilding, in the men’s classic physique division.

A healthy, fit lifestyle has allowed Edwin to build his self confidence and show up in the world as his best self, which is something he believes everyone deserves to experience – which is why he is relentless in his pursuit to help as many people as possible discover fitness. He is excited and motivated to be part of Radical Body Transformations to teach his clients the importance of consistency and lifestyle change when on the journey towards their dream bodies.

Aside from fitness, Edwin is a proud and devoted father who loves playing baseball.

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