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George Alexis

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George Alexis is a personal trainer from Brooklyn who is on a mission to help as many people as possible achieve their dream of being healthier, fitter and more confident.


As a coach for Radical Body Transformations, George works with people who are struggling with their health, from obesity to inactivity, to teach them about the power of exercise. By nature, George is hardworking and determined, which has allowed him to excel in his career as a personal trainer. After qualifying as a personal trainer under the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), George began working at a gym, and has since worked with hundreds of men and women all wanting to improve their health.


George prides himself on getting results for his clients and has consistently exceeded their expectations in terms of goal attainment. He believes that we can all become better versions of ourselves and practicing discipline in the gym is a great way to do so.


Aside from his career as a trainer, George is an amateur bodybuilder and participates in nationwide competitions. He also loves reading, drawing and finding new ways to diversify his skillset.


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