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Michael Ferraro

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Michael Ferrano is a four times collegiate all American swimmer, turned personal trainer and coach for Radical Body Transformations.

After finishing his college career as a successful swimmer, Michael knew that he wanted to continue his professional career in the health and fitness industry. With an education in health, fitness and nutrition, combined with his first hand experience as a college athlete, Michael began working as a swim coach.

He coached the national swim team in Connecticut, training more than 100 national champions and Olympic qualifiers. He excelled as a swim coach because of his deep understanding of aerobic exercise, met with an emphasis on mental training, including visualization, self talk and goal setting.

To Michael, being healthy means living optimally: making a daily commitment to self-improvement, both physically and mentally. He is motivated and relentless in his pursuit to better himself, and selfless in his approach with clients. This personality mix has allowed his clients to consistently succeed and find new meaning in their lives. This is what he wants to share as a Radical Body Transformation coach.

Aside from his love of all things fitness, Michael is a loving father who loves spending time with his children, loves competition and is constantly learning.

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