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We all get stressed at different junctures of our lives, be it the work deadlines or only for no such reasons! It is just momentary, but it might trigger an inevitable reaction for some who cannot cope. Stress could leave one anxious and tearful in the short term, but gradually it becomes chronic; one might land in a state where he is prone to heart attacks, strokes, and even suicidal thoughts.


Traditional psychology tells that stress occurs when a person perceives environmental stimuli demands to be greater than his ability to meet, mitigate, or alter those demands.


It’s not that the stressful situations are dangerous, but the way one deals with it. The moment stress triggers a person, his body produces certain hormones that send him to ‘FIGHT,’ ‘FLIGHT,’ or ‘FREEZE’ modes, resulting in a surge of adrenaline hormone, which gets our heart pumping fast.

Along with it, the needless stress hormone cortisol is also released, which is indeed not a very good sign for anybody’s health.

The adrenaline is useful, though, yes! It gives an instant boost to the confidence level a person needs to get through a challenging meeting or escape from any danger. But this sudden release after dealing with the situation has to get back to normal. Else, indeed, this overwhelmed state of mind can put you at risk and even ask for some professional help.

According to a Mental Health Foundation Survey, “Rather than the fight or flight response to certain situations being activated and then diminishing once the nerve-wracking event has passed, the response persists, and our stress hormones are triggered repeatedly,”

Our Radical Body Transformations professionals further explain that stress, in many cases, triggers unhealthy habits as well. Many people blame their chronic stress for making them alcohol or drug addicts. Battling with anxiety and depression is also a by-product of the stress-busting hormones released in the body and get activated for longer terms.


Well, allowing something overpowers you is entirely in your own hands, and you can turn the tables around as and when you feel. Just a strong motivation is required!

So what can you do?

While it is more tempting to switch to short term harmful solutions to calm your nerves, you can always lookout for more constructive ways.

We have a small list of pointers you might watch out for!


Yes, professionals claim that the results after exercising are wow! Because exercise releases endorphins, the chemicals that can instantly elevate your mood.


It is always appreciated and advised to keep a good company of friends and people around whom you surround yourselves. 

Confiding in loved ones will work wonders.   


Sounds pretty interesting! Take up a new language, play new sports, start reading and take yourself to a new world through your imaginations, or adopt creative works, and there you go!


Believe it or not, practicing meditations and experiencing a different world full of infinite possibilities for your thoughts to wander will render an altogether different perspective to your life. So, interrupt the autopilot mode and get going! The Mind and Body Connection has a significant impact on stress levels.

Now that it is clear that stress is not good for the overall well being of an individual we can surely turn ourselves to more encouraging and worthwhile activities that will keep us fit and sound. 

And of course if you need any expert advice related to stress management or anything whatsoever you can reach out to our globally renowned and acknowledged RBT trainers who will be happy to guide you in the best possible way.

You can contact us anywhere or join our facebook community say hi, and begin your journey of transformation!   

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