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Breast cancer is a complex disease which develops through a combined result of many contributing factors. Age, heredity reasons, family history and one’s lifestyle and eating habits, etc. all these factors accord to the condition. 

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The first question that comes to mind when anybody is diagnosed with breast cancer is: What to eat and what not to eat?

This indeed is a fundamental question. And it becomes even more critical because whatever you consume will leave its mark, either positive or negative. 

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Let’s find out some food that you must know and try including them in your daily diet. 


The notion behind this is that the human body has 60% of water content, so it is of utmost importance to have enough water. One should at least drink two to three liters of water daily. 

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Proteins are found in meat, fish, beans, soy, dairy products, seafood, eggs, etc. Some vegetables and whole grains also contain small amounts of proteins. A protein-rich diet is highly recommended once you are diagnosed with breast cancer. It helps to maintain lean body mass or muscle. 



Consume a diet that includes everything. Have everything filled with nutrients from fruits to vegetables, grains, nuts, dairy products, and cereals. A balanced diet is a must for a healthy lifestyle and robust immune system as it ensures the proper intake of all vital nutrients.   



Weight loss and dieting, these two terms have been washing off everybody’s mind. People tend to cut their calories to get in proper shape, but they overlook the negative aspects that they might have to face in the future. What is more important is to have enough calories that the body needs ideally. Also, make sure your weight is not dropping low else consulting a dietician is the way. 

So, maintaining a balanced weight is the key, not obese or overweight, and not underweight! Check out our latest blog on a fascinating theme: Don’t You Love When Someone Compliments Your Gains? 

Now that we have covered what one must eat, let’s take a quick tour to the not to’s.

It depends on the choices of food you make that can result in deteriorated health conditions. Of course, there are other factors other than your diet, but your food essentially makes a tremendous difference.

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Try avoiding these if you are already diagnosed with breast cancer : 



There is a subtle connection between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. Studies have proved that consuming alcohol increases the risk of developing breast cancer to about 15% or even more, depending on the servings one takes. So if you cannot avoid, the least that can be done is limited consumption of this deadly substance. 

Alcohol is believed to increase estrogen levels and also causes damage to the DNA. 



Research tells that people who consume a diet rich in sugar levels, or the diet with added sugar content, a typical diet in the USA are more prone to breast cancer. The sugar content increases the likeliness of developing mammary gland tumors in women, eventually spreading to other parts of the body.  



It is not that all fats are bad for health, but choices need to be made after thorough research. The fats, like the trans fat extracted through processed methods, increase the risk of breast cancer. 

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The link between breast cancer and red meat is now proven. And if the meat is cooked at higher temperatures, the risk factor becomes multi-folds, and this process triggers a lot of toxins. 

The processed meat has high quantities of salts and preservatives, and trans fat, which is not the right choice to opt for if you are already combating breast cancer.  

Therefore it is advisable to avoid processed foods because the trans fat in these foods can stimulate many adverse reactions in the body. 

Processed food also means the most favorite fried foods, donuts, cookies, etc. So limit the intake as much as possible!  

Although breast cancer is a challenging health condition for people dealing with it, if one is determined enough, no means can stop overcoming it. All that is required is a careful diet pattern with a mix and match of a few exercises and a joyful life.

Consume the complete nutrient-rich diet with lots of fruits, vegetables, dietary fibers, antioxidants, soy, and keep yourself hydrated.

Besides this, avoid trans-fat rich food, alcohol, smoking, and added sugars. And there you go!

You are never away from a completely transformed life. And we will be happy to help you!

Reach out to our Radical Body Transformations experts who can always train and guide you whenever it comes to your health. You can join our Facebook Community as well, and start your journey to becoming fitter and healthier!

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