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Why do men lose their hair?

Hairfall sucks. We all know it. Seeing a receding hairline in the mirror isn't the best feeling ever amirite? It's the thick & dense locks that give many people an instant confidence boost. Women use hair as an accessory to their outfit. Men love to style their mane like a crown. But, sometimes, hair fall can get to the best of us. Hair breakage, from one strand to one hundred, it escalates quickly. As desperate as you are right now, to know what you can do about it, we tell you to hold tight. Men, firstly, we are going to walk you through the reasons for hair fall and what you can do to prevent it. Let's read between the lines now, shall we? By the end of the article, we'll mention some ways to reduce hair fall in men. Keep reading.

Why do men lose hair faster than women?

Men, your bodies are different than women's bodies. Both estrogen and testosterone hormone is indeed present in both the genders. Although, it is notable that testosterone levels are higher in men, as compared to women. Hormones play a crucial role in changes stimulated in the human body. The testosterone hormone drives hair loss more radically in men. But it doesn't mean females don't experience hair fall at all. Hairfall is a polygenic disorder too. Often, men may experience different baldness patterns than women.
This pattern is more visible in men. Genetics play a role in this also, Men's hormones level work a teeny tiny bit aggressively, and hence hair fall is a consequence.

Other reasons for hair fall in men:

So you can’t control your hormone levels per-say, but you can look after your health. Let’s understand what affects your hair growth.


Genetics is what you got from your parents. Many qualities are inherent to you from your parents. In simple words, if an early hair fall onset runs in the family, it might come naturally to you too. Its encoded in your hereditary genes and this pattern follows most of the time.

Medical Issues

If you are on the specific medication, the chances are high that you might experience hair fall. Medical treatments for thyroid, anemia are linked with hair fall problems often. But that not just the illness to blame. A poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices caused these at some point in your life. It's arguably true that it can be hereditary too. Either way, hair fall is linked with pharmaceutical drug use.

Stress or Shock

Stress is the worst enemy for you to have. Studies show that at least 60% of men in the United States of America suffer from anxiety. This number skyrocketed from the previous three decades. Many factors contribute to stress. These are, for example, hormonal imbalance, reduced tolerance to the environment, lack of mental peace. Stress causes variations in blood pressure too. It would be best if you had a healthy blood circulation towards your scalp. Only then, you can expect healthy hair growth.


Infections are contagious. They can come in unexpected ways or with some warning signs. Often, the body's immune system overworks itself to fight outside infections. It sometimes directs fighting agents towards hair follicles! That's surprisingly a known contributor to hair patches to shred over time. The hair on these infected patches might re-grow. They might fall again, too, and you must seek medical attention.

How can men prevent hair fall?

Hair fall is a natural phenomenon. It can be, however, slowed down with these remedies and treatments. Take a look. We assure you that you can work on these, quickly, as fast as today. Regularly wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Chemicals are bad for your hair as it as. The harmful SLS, sulfates, so on, disturbs the natural hair growth. Look for products that have these chemicals in quantities as low as possible. Usually, the primary constituent ingredients are at the beginning of the ingredient list.

Enrich diet with protein

You are what you eat. Ensure that your plate is a colorful joyride. Your dietary intake must consist of minerals, vitamins, and protein-rich sources. Some superfoods for proteins are eggs, and pulses. If you have specific diet restrictions and don't know where to begin, contact us. Our expert Radical Body Transformations trainers will guide you through your ideal nutrition plan.

Regular head massages

There are massage therapies for hair growth too. You can use warm oil with essential oils to stimulate hair growth. You will find tons of hair massage oils in stores and online. Look for organically sources ingredients because you don't want your scalp to absorb the bad guys( toxic chemicals)

Keep yourself hydrated

Drink water, you guys! Firstly, we can not emphasize this point enough. We always recommend drinking water in short intervals of time. Water is the carrier of all things good in your body. Lastly, it flushes down harmful chemicals and excess of anything naturally.

Physical activity

There is an exercise for every body part. There is an exercise to stimulate hair growth too. Usually, physical activities in your daily routine induce good oxygen supply throughout the body. There are many wonders of fitness on the body that are known to affect your overall wellness directly. When you make a handstand, you are allowing blood to rush towards the scalp. It is a good exercise because then the blood will supply towards the scalp. Don't do a handstand every opportunity you get, though, or you'll be just tired.

At Radical Body Transformations, we help our members live their fittest lives.

We don't push them to be bodybuilders. We mean, who's got the time for that anyway. We promote healthy habits to you in a way that you enjoy the process. Our high caliber trainers are experts in their work. They can guide you through a plan that works for you. Contact us today to get a free consultation with one of our expert trainers.


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